Pre-History (for Natasha)

I can’t start at the very beginning, because when it comes to 23 years of life, it’s a very very hard place to start. But, I had a long plane ride to entertain myself on. So. I’m just gonna recap from my graduation to the point riiiight before London. Ready? Go!


Five hours into my nine hour journey to London. Still can’t believe it’s happening. I’m 23? I’m going to the UK to start my first job? When did all this happen! It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy, but being here now feels so surreal. I found out about this opportunity by accident and started pursuing it almost two years ago. I had decided to go see Karishma for her 18th birthday in Rochester, during her first year of college. Because I’d be missing a day of 3rd year lyceum, I had to make up for it by going to a 5th year lyceum the previous week. At that lyceum, Mary Barth, a then-member of the International Accounting Standards Board, spoke about her job, her role, and the organization. Its international nature and current and potential impact made an impression on me, so when she spoke of a previous UT MPA alum who was currently working at the Board, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue as well. I spoke with her after lyceum, and became more interested. I let her know I’d be studying abroad in Paris in the summer of 2009 and that I was really interested in sitting in on the June meeting of the Board. And I did. And met Alan Teixeira, the Technical Director. I started my final year of the program and kept in touch with Mr. Teixeira. When I started my internship with UHY in Houston in January, I sent my final application to Mr. Teixeira and interviewed on my 23rd birthday, April 27th, 2010. I was SO EXCITED. I couldn’t believe I was finally actually getting to interview! Two days later, I found out that I was offered the position and then I ­really couldn’t believe it! From then til…maybe July, I was so excited. I was going to London! For my first job! With a hugely important organization for the accounting world! Then the visa business took so long and there were all these new immigration rules and I started getting discouraged and disillusioned. Guess I didn’t show it though. Instead, I went on trip after trip after trip.

Hey guys, I have some hours left on this flight so this is probably gonna go on for a while.

Graduated in May, and was blessed to have my Achachan, as well as Dolly Aunty and Pranay there along with Mummy, Papa, Rish, and Meg. Then back to school for a month and a half to finish off a class in Fraud. A week after that, my parents threw me the most fantastic graduation party. Everyone we love in Houston came, as well as Ranju Uncle, Pinky Aunty, and Joel from Dallas, and Lena and Jake from Austin. I might not have any feelings and still be numb about leaving at this point but I could cry for all the touching things my friends and family have done for me. At the party, I sang a song we’d done in the St. Austin’s choir—“My Life is in Your Hands”—and got to sing with Meghna playing the piano, and do a duet with Karishma. I gave a little speech and cried through that. I sang with Karishma and teared up despite telling her not to look at me and facing the other way myself. And then Papa sang a song by Roger Whittaker, an artist I have somewhere in my subconscious because of his song “Mammy Blue.” I think that song and Kylie were my entire playlist from ages 0-4. Oh wait. Playlists didn’t exist back then. Thanks, Meghna. Also I cried when I watched the “Graduation” episode of Boy Meets World last week. And teared up at some song when we watched Phantom on Saturday. And when I was reading an email out loud to M&P on the way to the airport today. So I have feelings, they just seem a bit off and untimely lately.

Then! Back to Austin to move out and go to the Glee-along at the Alamo Drafthouse (which, by the way, was fantastic). Back to Houston to dance the night away with Lauren at Ryan and Meredith’s wedding

Next, off to Orlando for a sister trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Also fantastic. It was a surprise for Meghna and she really was surprised! It was obviously great because of the destination, but it was also our first trip together with just the three of us and we didn’t really fight. Altogether a success.

Three days later, the family flew to Cancun. The conflicting (complementary?) agendas of Papa’s desire to lie on the beach and do nothing and Mom’s adventurous side were hard to reconcile sometimes, but we still had a blast. Xcaret was the best thing we did.

Then! Back to Austin for Jakey’s birthday, which included a trip to Hamilton Pool, dinner at Chez Zee, and my last Spazmatics experience. Also hung out with Albs, who was going through a rough time, while keeping Lena at bay/keeping duct tape close by since she kept accidentally putting her foot in her mouth even though she meant well…dinner at the Oasis one night, where I was inspired by a man who spent half an hour watching the sun set through his viewfinder, with his daiquiri poised in front of the lens to take this winner of a shot:

Also there was a swarm of bees trying to steal our food. Somehow, I kept eating, while the other three freaked out. Even though I was the only one who was allergic. Hmm.

Next up. New York City! Third time in a year, whoa. Spent a week with Versh, and a few days with Rish, Becca, Lena, Albert, Brandon, and Eric. God we did so much. Consult Facebook album, I don’t want to further bore anyone here.

THEN! Vegas with Lena and Mama Kwan. We gambled, we Thundered, we…sat in the shade instead of tanning. Leens came out as the big winner.

Then she spent that cash on fried chocolate at the State Fair the next weekend.

Dallas was my last trip for the TX-OU game (which we lost. Boo.) and it was good to see and say bye to Felisa, David, Lauren, Chris Hein and new wife Heidi, Chevy&Heather (who I randomly ran into Saturday night!) Lena and Albert throughout the weekend, as well as Ranju Uncle, Pinky Aunty, and Joel, who I got to see on Sunday for church and breakfast.

Oh PS How cool is it to see my old roommate’s work ON MY IPHONE! 🙂
Yay Albert!

And let me leave you with something senty.

So let me say before we part,
So much of me is made of what I learned from you,
You’ll be with me, like a handprint on my heart.
And now whatever way our stories end,
I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend.

Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
Because I knew you – I have been changed for good.


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