How did Rachel get here?

I tend to be slightly impulsive. Not with everything, just big decisions. I could stand in the cereal aisle of a grocery store for fifteen minutes trying to decide what three lucky boxes would be coming home with me that week. (Don’t judge, I love cereal.) It only took three minutes for me to sign my life away for my two greatest academic adventures, The American University of Rome, and The Adler School of Professional Psychology. The only reason it took that long is because it takes about three minutes to read an acceptation letter, sign the acceptance contract, write a check to reserve your spot, stuff an envelope, and run out to your mailbox. The first time I did this it was 2006. I was miserable with school, hated the guy I had been dating for over a year, and just felt stuck. I was journaling one night about all the drama and how I so badly I wanted a sign for what I should do next. After my entry I tuned on the TV and the movie Under the Tuscan Sun was on. That was my sign. Here is a woman whose life sucks and wanted a huge change. She went to Italy, and so did I. It was thanks to that semester abroad that I was able to find myself again. Figure out what I wanted.

During my spring/final semester at the University of Missouri in 2009 I found myself in the same spot. I was done with school, frustrated with my job, and felt like I had reached a plateau. I knew then that I would have rather died than been a server for the rest of my life. No offense to servers. I made a crap load of money as one, met some great people, and had some awesome experiences. However, the fun times at don’t always last. At least they didn’t for me, and I yet again had to get out. Normal people would just look for a different job, but not me! I studied my ass off for the GRE. (Pointless I might add.) I applied to eight schools, zero of which are in Missouri. I had four back up school in case my original list didn’t work out. My two favorite schools were The University of Denver, and Adler in Chicago. I was invited on my birthday (Jan 29th of this year) to interview at Adler. It was a great birthday gift. I was a wreck on my interview day. I commend myself for not vomiting on my interviewer. It all worked out though and I was accepted in March. It’s amazing what crazy dance moves come out of me when I’m alone with an acceptance letter. More amazing is, how quickly I responded to my acceptance, as mentioned before.

Chicago is different from other places. I am very fortunate and have been able to visit New York, London, and Dubai. I’ve love them all but I feel at home in Chicago. I feel like New York is busy and angry. I am from Missouri, people. I wasn’t to smile at your face and say hello if I see you on a regular basis. In NY that is a fast track way to get “mean-mugged” as my gay-husband calls it. Hmmm. Now that I’m thinking about it I can’t remember being glared at in London or Dubai. That’s probably because I was so busy looking like a tourist that I didn’t notice anything else. I loved visiting Dubai but don’t fit in. Did I mention I’m from Missouri? I’m not rich or fashionable enough to stay for more than a few days. London, what is Brown Sauce? I would actually consider living there at some point after I win the lottery.

So far school has been amazing. I’ve met some wonderful people, know where to get what I consider the best pizza, and finally feel at peace with myself again. I’m working toward something significant. I’m ensuring that my future is exciting. I’m ensuring that I don’t have to worry about getting enough tips every week to pay my rent. I’m also happily staying away from most fried foods now that I don’t have a restaurant job… or any job. Yeah, I don’t have a job and I’m okay with that. During my undergrad I always had three. I was a server, dance teacher, worked in a research lab for a while, and full time babysat for a while. A girls gotta pay for school somehow! It’s all good though because now that I’m going to school on my own terms I don’t want to give my attention to much else. I want to enjoy life now. Don’t worry. You won’t see me prostituting any time soon. I have NO DEBT from my undergrad life, so I’m happy to let student loans take the lead until I graduate.

I live on an amazing street in Lake View full of babies and dogs. People here smile, let you pet their animal, and say “excuse me” when they bump you. I do find it surprising how infrequently people on the CTA busses say “Good morning” or “thank you”. Maybe I’m weird? Don’t care! I live with my boyfriend of four years (Patrick). We live in a pet friendly building and seem to be the only tenets without a pet.

What else should I say about myself? I receive three letters a week from my 93 year old Grandfather “Papaw”. I love Mac n’ Cheese. I’m not much of a club person but love dive bars. I’m a Harry Potter freak. Will probably be waiting in line/crying five hours before the opening of HP7 part 1. Versha will be too though so I don’t feel bad. If I were to cheat on my boyfriend with would be with Leonardo Dicaprio. Leo and I have been dating since I was in the 5th grade so Pat understands. I’m allergic to all chap sticks except for Original Chap Stick Brand Chap Stick, which is why I usually have three stick on me at all times. My life’s goal when I was growing up was to be on Saturday Night Live. That’s another reason why living in Chicago is perfect. I knew when I was young that most SNL cast members were Second City actors. I guess it was always my destiny to be in Chicago. I’m so excited about what is yet to come.

That’s me! I’m kind of random. I hope that my entries will be somewhat entertaining.

Out of habit from being a server for so long, I will say. Thanks so much! Have a great day!


One thought on “How did Rachel get here?

  1. YAY. I’ve been obsessively checking for hours to see this 🙂
    and! I like that you got your invitation to interview in Chicago on your bday, because I had my interview for my London job on my bday too!!! Fate. Love it.

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