When you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over

So happy. Can’t remember the last time I was like this! I know it can’t/won’t be like this forever, but so far, I am fully enjoying London. I realized that it probably hasn’t sunk in that whoa. I live here. because a, I haven’t seen Big Benny yet, and b, thanks to all those trips I took before starting here, this just feels like another trip!

Before I forget, here’s a lil video tour of my temp apt in case you’re interested 🙂

Last Wednesday, Sarah and I met for the first time…and then went straight into flat hunting all. day. We saw some good places but weren’t ready to commit to any. That night, we went to a dinner hosted by the company that owns the temp apartments we’re staying in. It was free and it was filling and they gave us many a glass of wine. We met two great ladies who told us all about the city — one of whom gave us the name, age, and name of the bar her son managed and told us to go meet him. On the to-do list.

Thursday, we looked at some more apts, but at lunch, decided that we liked apt #3 in Pimlico from the previous day and wanted to make an offer. So we went to check it out a second time and then did. And the landlady accepted! So we have a home now!! We move in this Friday! e.x.c.i.t.e.d.

Friday brought our first day of work–welcome to 30 Cannon Street, my place of work.

Didn’t have to go in til 9:30am. Not the time we’ll start everyday, but still, I was a fan. I went in and met my Team Buddy, Henri. He’s from South Africa. He took me around and I settled in at my desk. His favorite American phrase is ‘all y’all,’ and he thinks that all Californians should speak like in the movie Clueless.
I had an IT intro where I got my computer and email address set up, as well as a Health&Safety Orientation, and got my ID badge and access card. Next, I had lunch with Henri, my Social Buddy Sara, and Sarah and one of her buddies, Allison. We went to a pub and had … wine. Plus food, of course. It was about a two hour lunch and a lot of fun. Everyone I’ve met at the IASB/IFRSF so far is so nice, so funny, and so..accented. Love it. Exactly my cup of tea. Ha.
This day also included Henri calling me a loser and telling me not to be a smart aleck. I’m liking the atmosphere so far 🙂

QOTD: Can anyone believe I wore heels this small?

Friday night, I had plans with Sertan and Grant to go to Show-Off, which sounded like it would be a lot like Afterparty, which Versh introduced me to in NYC. I invited Sarah and S&G picked us up around 8:30. We had a BALL. Sertan and I sang “All I Ask of You” about 20 minutes after getting there! And they ended the night with a Sound of Music singalong. So perfect. It was so so so much fun to sing, to listen, to see a guy get up and tap dance, and to watch this dream pianist play, sing, smile, and … ugh. Be gay. Why are all the fabulous dudes gay? Oh.

Sertan and Grant are just the best. They are too sweet and too generous and too funny. I told them I loved the place but that they also needed to take us to places where there were straight dudes. They recommended two places — the Walkabout and ………the Church (only open on Sundays! of course.).

On Saturday, Sarah and I took a nice stroll across the Thames on the Millenium Bridge to meet Versh’s friend Gail at the Gladstone Arms. She is so nice and so much fun, we really had a great time. On Sunday, I was pretty lazy, but did go to church — an Italian mass. Oops. I had no idea what anyone was saying besides ‘Signor’ and ‘Credo,’ but I swear the priest said ‘spaghetti’ in his sermon and I don’t know if there’s a different meaning or he really was making a spaghetti-related reference.

Also, I don’t know why I would tell you guys this, but I guess it’s kind of a funny adjusting story. First, I couldn’t figure out how to put the oven on — but after calling Sarah and then Trudy, I felt much less dumb, because they explained to me all these different switches and knobs I had to deal with first. Then, my package recommended a 375F pre-heat. And I was on the phone (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) and was thinking, weird, why does it only go to 220?? Then I smelled burning. Then I thought OH DUH YOU IDIOT THAT’S IN CELSIUS. So I readjusted. No worries, my Moroccan lamb burger did not burn; in my haste to check, however, the whole tray fell on the floor. Oops.

Also also, I noticed what seemed to be a sister shop to Honeydukes on my way home. Or at least like that place in Willy Wonka where Charlie buys his golden ticket chocolate bar:

Well! I think that’s it for now. We are soooo excited to be starting this blog and hope you guys find some enjoyment in it too. If there’s anything you want to know about in any of our cities, please let us know! Until next week,


Can I leave you with another song though? I promise it won’t be every post, but I can’t promise that for the near future.


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