About two months into my semester in Rome I was walking down the street with Versha, on my way home from buying a Roma jersey, and I realized that I didn’t ever want to leave. It was so comfortable. I was so happy. When I returned home to Missouri, I wanted to go back so badly. That is exactly how I now feel about Chicago. I walk down the streets 2.5 months into my time here and it’s like I belong. It’s because of the little things. I love knowing where the cheapest beer is, I love watching dogs do their business on concrete like it was grass, I LOVE that the homeless guy that lives on my block has quit asking me for money because I never deliver. I went home two weeks ago to visit family and friends and it was hell trying to get to sleep without my city skyline to work as a huge night light.

The city that doubles as my personal night light.

There is one specific thing that makes Chicago better than any city in the world. That would be my boyfriend Patrick. Sorry to sound like a vagina. I usually don’t get sappy, but it’s true. He makes every experience better for me and is the greatest partner in crime. Last Friday was our four year anniversary, and we celebrated by having a Star Wars movie marathon. We skipped Episode 1-3 and just stuck with the originals. It was a long night… for me. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, so I’m not a person Pat can “geek out” with. Who can deny that I love him though? All that SW’s and no complaints? He should propose right now for that!

Pat and myself at The W Hotel on Lake Shore Dr.

Pat and I have an inside joke for everything! Everything… Eve-ry-thing. Our first Chicago inside joke revolved around our neighbor and her dog Bessie. (NOTE: The canines name has been changed for safety.) When we first moved here it was extremely hot and we had no air conditioning. Our windows were always open, and so were our neighbors. In person the neighbor was very kind. She introduced us to Bessie, who is an angel. Then the minute her apartment door would close we could hear the demon inside her come out. Her voice would drop octaves and she would start yelling. “Bessie no! Get down! Bessie. NOOOOOOOOOO. I HATE YOU!…. Bessie NO! GIVE ME BACK MY TOOTHBRUSH!” I wish I was making that last part about the tooth brush up but I’m not. Once it got cooler, Pat and I realized we could hear Bessie being yelled at through the walls. It became a common occurrence in our apartment for any serious or quite moment to be shattered by the random blaring of “BESSIE NO!” The truth of the matter is that Bessie’s owner probably… no no… she most definitely heard us at some point, but it didn’t stop her from continuing her yelling. Sadly, Bessie and her owner moved out yesterday, which means that until we get a new neighbor we will be unable to hear awkward yells through the walls. On the plus side, Bessie’s move means that Pat and I have survived our first inside joke here. Soon I will less frequently yell at Pat to “GIVE ME BACK MY TOOTHBRUSH!” In a weird way having past our first insider in Chicago makes me feel like we aren’t newbie’s to the city anymore.

It’s funny what makes you feel at home.

I will end by wishing Bessie good luck wherever she goes. I hope she survives the demon owner.

View of the city during the architectural boat cruise.


  1. Rachel, you are amazing. I love these postings. Please keep them coming. You are incredible. I am so proud of you. I want to be just like you when I grew up:)

    Hugs and Kisses…Mom

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