Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquois

For those who don’t know, I’m a big fan of smashing words together. Usually I’m better (I’d like to think), but this one’s kinda lame. See above.

Days 2&3 brought a ton of people to my desk asking if I could help with this or that. Which was awesome. Except…I really don’t know what I’m reading about at first. Henri had said I should take advantage of the downtime (by reading) at the beginning because I’d have a ton of work later. Later came fast. But it all seems so awesome because even though I feel like a lot of it is over my head at this point, I can optimistically see myself being really knowledgeable and speaking intelligently about these things in the near future! So that makes me excited. Who doesn’t want to be [seen as] smart!? Plus, a lot of what I work on gets put on the IFRS website and/or published, so uhhhh. Kind of awesome.

Hellooooo, IFRS!

I didn’t get to go to as many board meetings as I wanted to, but it was still cool. It’s just so awesome to sit there and see a team comprised of a South African, a Portueguesian (?), a German, an Australian Chinese girl, and a British Indian present to a board with members from the US, France, Sweden, Germany, Australia, China, Japan, Brazil, and India. Not to mention Sir David Tweedie chairing the whole thing.

I also had my first real London rain. Rain is one thing, cold is another, walking in heels is yet a third (though I think I might like that I can’t tell if I’m numb from the pain or the cold). But mix ’em all together, and you’ve got a hodgepodge of fun. Really, it wasn’t that bad, just a 10 minute walk, but I wish I would have found a bubble umbrella before I left because that would have made it easier to see when I walked and probably kept me a bit drier than the one I have. Still on the lookout. In real life, because I don’t trust internet shopping. Also, rain, especially in an awesome city, always makes me think of/feel like I’m Kylie even though I’m not Australian and don’t speak French. ps what a meanie is that lady at the beginning?!

Apparently, I have Texas pride. <!–more–> Or something. I’ve told a few of you this story already, but this guy at work said to me on the first day, “Yeah so i found this really weird, but i guess you wont because you’re used to it since youre from Texas–I was surprised by how many people were walking around with guns!”


Where was he, you ask? Oh, in Dallas/Fort Worth. A couple days later, he asks me if I know the street in downtown Dallas that sells ‘all the traditional stuff like hats and boots.’ Do you?? Someone please enlighten me, because I’m not a Dallas native, so maybe I’m just wrong on both counts.

I’ve also realized that having coins worth more than 100 of anything sucks. When you drop them and they roll away, you feel so much worse. Especially since I’m still thinking in dollars and the exchange rate is awful. I mean, I can’t have lost more than a couple of pounds since 2 is the highest, but still.

Wednesday brought some new work and I got excited because the project I was working on seemed interesting and I could understand what was going on! As someone left the office that night, I heard them say it was 3 degrees outside. After a bit of quick math (3*9=27/5=5.4+32=37.4*F — probably the only formula I have memorized and hey! it proved useful!), I realized whoa. Not freezing, but hello, winter.

Sarah and I also went to see “Heartbeats” at the London Film Festival. It was…interesting. As all film festival films should be. But let me tell you, guys — we bought our tickets so late that we ended up having to book tickets in the front row (yes, assigned seating here), but it was so not awful. It was kind of awesome! No neck-craning.

And on our way home, as we sat on the tube and then looked down, is when we really realized we were meant to be:

Oh man and I forgot to tell you guys about the time we were about to cross the street and this guy delivering Domino’s on a scooter (yes) lost control and his scooter was sideways as he spun through the middle of the road. Um. Terrifying. (If you heard my gasp at the US Open for the final volley of the women’s semi’s between Venus and Clijsters, it was much like that.)

Also, in case you didn’t know:

“The real banking crisis”

I have the best buddies EVER. Sara is hilarious and so thoughtful. I asked her what she uses on her hair one day (she’s a curly too) and she brought me a can of her special-ordered mousse the next day to try out! And Henri is just Henri. Everyone is so mean to him but only because they love him. I think we already have a good give-and-take rapport going, so we should get along just fine.

On Friday, Sarah and I took an early lunch to do the ‘check-in’ for our new place, which was supposed to take 45 mins to an hour. A third party company comes to go around the apt and make sure that things are in good condition so we don’t get charged for already damaged things at the end. It took THREE HOURS. Oh man, I felt awful for being gone so long.

But yayyyy! Welcome to our new home!!!!! (PS Anyone who sends me mail will be worshipped and repaid with an old-fashioned snail mail letter of their own.)

26 Gloucester Street

Then the bank was the slowest in the world to change the last of my dollars, so that added out-of-office time. And when I got back, people kept coming by to chat or asking for random errands, so I got my stuff done, but it was slow runnings. Today at work was basically moot, but I guess it balances out by the lunch breaks I didn’t take and the late-ish hours I stayed this week/will stay in the future?

Then a few of us went to drinks at Tao Bar after work and basically just laughed for hours. 6-11? Happy hour(s) indeed. Australian Manuel and German Martin also insisted that American Budweiser is BS and the real thing was Budvars:


Things I heard at drinks included:

“My name is Bond. Convertible Bond.” and “Just stop. You’re flogging a deceased equine.”
Oh man. Business/nerd humor. Best.
On Saturday, my godparents came into town to see me! It was such a lovely day. Sarah and I went shopping to spend our jackpot lotto winnings on stuff for our new pad, and then I met Patrick Uncle and Sandra Aunty at my apartment. I was Skyping with Mummy, so they talked with her for a bit, and then we went to get dosas for lunch. Then we decided to go to West End on a whim and see if we could get tickets to see Billy Elliott. (We could not). Instead, we saw Flashdance. It was ooookay… Still, it was a great day.

Sunday was mad.ness. We spent about 4 to 5 hours shopping for bedding.
Heehee. I felt like I would come full circle if I bought this Kylie Minogue “At Home” Bedding but…it was a bit too sparkly.

It looks/sounds fun, and it kinda was, but it really was exhausting!

We could barely fit in our cab by the end of the day with all our crap in there:

Also, we saw this:

Julie! Do you remember when you and I saw this one time in Austin but we weren’t quick enough to get a pic??

And as long as I’m showing you crazy things, check out this sweet window display:

I had to break out my iNose on the way home too, so even though it’s not cold in Tejas yet, I thought I’d help you guys out with this instructional video from last year. Filmed by Federico and narrated by Karishma Dara.

Phew. Okay. And then that night, for some inexplicable reason, I went out at 9:30, to meet Leah’s friend Patrick and his Spaniard friends. Okay, the reason was not inexplicable. Patrick works for CNN here in London (how awesome!!). We went to a couple of pubs and had a Chinese dinner at, uh, 1:30am. Seeing as I’m the worst liar in the world, I was the only questionable one when we told the bouncer that we all worked at O’Neill’s (Ruben does) in order to get in. They told me to just act foreign (fobby, not American) and answer ‘Liz’ when he asked who the manager was. That guy did not believe me, but he let us in after a few minutes anyway. Gotta work on my acting skills. He and his Spanish friends are absolutely hilarious and the most energetic, awesome dancers I’ve ever seen. I could kind of keep up with the rapid Spanish, but Patrick was nice enough to play translator for the rest. Getting so wrapped up in English, Spanish, English, Spanish that he even accidentally ordered “4 beers y una agua” to the Chinese man, much to his confusion! Soooo funny. Too many of their funny stories. I should start a podcast too….JK then anyone who’s even made it this far into the post would be listening for days. So much fun to watch the three of them (Patrick and brothers Ruben and Chuchi (sp?)) with Julia, Chuchi’s girlfriend.

She just moved here from Spain and we made a deal to help each other with each other’s languages. The best part about the dancing though, was when Patrick goes, ‘There was this ridiculous article on CNN…’ and I knew exactly what he was talking about and finished it ‘about girls being attracted to how a guy moves his right knee!!!’ except — how awesome to hear it from a guy who works for CNN! Anyway, I didn’t get home and into bed til 4. I don’t know how, but I somehow didn’t die at work and was actually productive, but I definitely passed out as soon as I got home and just randomly woke up now and thought I better post this before Monday was over for me, because I would freak if one of the other girls didn’t post on their day and I don’t want to be a hypocrite 🙂 But now, I am going to crash and burn. So adieu, mon amis.

Oh yes and on my way home one night, I got asked for directions! oh hey, I LIVE HERE. 😀


4 thoughts on “Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquois

  1. whoops…not sure if this posted last time because i forgot to include my name…


    Ah, your job sound really stressful right now…I hope things come more readily to you soon!

    I just wanted to say that I loooove your address (King Lear!!) and your front door. so beautiful, so British!! 🙂

  2. haha! its really not bad, the people are so much fun and so laid back that they’re so helpful anyway 🙂 we are even planning a ski trip to bulgaria already! we’ll see how that works out..

    and YES! i know! doesnt our new home look/sound so british?! it’s perfect 🙂

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