Ethics, birds, and storms.

The song I’m thinking about…. right…. now.

Weezer, Across the Sea

One of the classes that I’m required to take is Counseling Development Issues and Ethics. I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably sitting there going “man, I wish I had to take super exciting and not boring what-so-ever class like that.” Calm down, not everyone is as lucky as I am. Anyway, this is the hypothetical situations that came up in my class…

My Comm Psyc buddies at a karaoke bar last weekend.

Hypothetical situation #1

Lets say I’m a licensed counselor… in… Boise. I have a client who has been really weird recently. Suddenly all over the news is a story about the head political whatever’s youngest daughter being kidnapped and murdered. (Sorry for the strangeness.) After I see this story on the news my weird client comes for an appointment and confesses that he has kidnapped and murdered that little girl. GUESS WHAT I GET TO DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing. I can’t say anything to anyone because it would break confidentiality and I would lose my license and there would be all sorts of legal stuff where even though my weird client killed a little girl, he could sue me because I talked about what went on in our sessions.

Isn’t that messed up?

I doubt I’ll ever find myself in a situation like that but it keeps popping up in the back of my mind. I would want to turn in the bad guy and make it possible for that head political whatever to have closure.

You know who really needs counseling? The suicidal birds in Chicago. Not joking. The birds in Chicago are either the dumbest birds in the world or they really hate their aviating lives. Already during my time at Adler I have witnessed two birds flying directly into my giant city building. I have also seen dead birds on the sidewalks around my school. What is with these birds? I’ve seen birds fly into my Papaw’s porch in Arkansas but they usually get up after. Besides they have a reason to be suicidal. I mean it IS Arkansas after all. (No offense.) But I don’t understand the Chicago birds. It’s not like those buildings were suddenly there out of nowhere. I saw we round up all the birds and yell things at them like “HOW DOES FLYING IN TO BUILDINGS MAKE YOU FEEL?” You would think that evolution would have let the dumb birds die and the smart birds learn to fly around the buildings.

Maybe with Chicago’s bad weather all the birds will be blown away. Today and tomorrow Chicago is suppose to experience the worst storms it has had in 70 years. Perfect right? Cause I didn’t get enough tornado warnings why living in Missouri. I woke up this morning at 6AM because the wind outside was so strong I thought my window’s were going to be blown in. It was raining in every direction and I just knew I was going to be soaked when I walked into class at 9:30. I was wrong however, because instead of being soaked with water I was surrounded by people who had hidden indoors until the rain had cleared up. That means that three times as many people were at my bus stop when I got there. Louise. It took 50 minutes on the bus to get to Adler but at least I was dry. My ADD was out of control in class because the clouds were moving so quickly outside and light was being reflected on the other buildings… pretty much I saw shiny things and glazed over. Oh well. I’m extremely thankful that there weren’t 20 foot high waves coming off of Lake Michigan. Being swept away by the lake while waiting for the bus would have ruined my day.

My bus stop this morning.

Doesn’t this view look distracting? I’m sure I’m not the only person who has glazed over out this window.

My view from my ADD class...

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