The Honeymoon Period

You know how when you first meet someone — whether it be a new friendship or someone you’re dating — everything is fresh, exciting and new, there’s so much to learn, and you feel as if you could spend a seemingly unhealthy amount of time with just that one person and still not get bored? (And it almost never lasts.) Sometimes it defies all logic; quirks are endearing rather than annoying. That’s been New York for me for the past 21 months. Let’s hope the honeymoon period continues.

Simply put: yes, I passed a homeless man masturbating on the street the other day (quirk? although as Rachel can attest, I have also seen this in Rome), but no, I’m not disenchanted with the city. It never fails to surprise and impress, and over the weekend, I had the lovely opportunity of exploring a part of New York I hadn’t spent much time in before.

I’m a little obsessed with the beautiful Hudson River and exploit the fact that I live two blocks away from it on a constant basis — but I usually spend my time on the west side of the island from 47th street and down. On Sunday, I ventured uptown to Harlem, where I feasted at the famously delicious Dinosaur BBQ and enjoyed a lazy stroll through the nearby Riverside Park with some of my favorite ladies (pictures below).

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The group included Marquita, who I’ve been friends with since we played with Barbies and listened to Snoop Dogg in daycare together; Mariam, who became a very best friend after she moved to Louisiana during our sophomore year of high school; and Maggie, who roomed with Mariam at NYU and has rapidly become one of my favorite people here. After the various life updates (Marquita works for StoryCorps and is just now back in the city after spending months in Pennsylvania and New Jersey), we parted and I decided to walk the 80 blocks home. And as I witnessed one of the most beautiful New York sunsets I’ve ever seen (seriously, the pinks and oranges were so much more brilliant in person than the pictures), I’m glad I did. That’s never going to get old — I hope, like the atmosphere when “Empire State of Mind” comes on in a bar and everyone goes crazy, even the usually stylish but staid New Yorkers. Cheesy? Maybe. Fun? Hell yes.

PSA: The midterm election is 5 days away — 37 Senate seats, all 435 House seats, 36 governorships and even a major marijuana legalization initiative (in California) are all up for grabs, along with many more state and local races. It takes literally just 5 minutes to check your voter registration and find your polling place, early voting location, or request an absentee ballot. Five days until a election means TPM HQ is in a bit of a frenzy, which is why I’m heading down to Washington, D.C. tonight to see the tumult firsthand and then maybe get a little of my sanity back.

Vote. Come on, people, it’s a great time to get involved. Our Senate and gubernatorial candidates are now running ads referencing Harry Potter and Glee.


3 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Period

  1. Ha ha. Yes. I saw Penis man the night we had dinner for the first time on our first day and again on our last big night out! Perfect. I believe men flash on the streets in good cities.

  2. Love your slideshow! Ah, NYC is so gorgeous. I really want to live there someday…but maybe not if it involves walking 80 blocks?! God, is that how everyone stays so fabulously in shape? Must be quite a difference from the South.

    Aaaah, you are so cool because you got to go to the real Rally to Restore Sanity. There was one in Austin near the Capitol too, but I didn’t have time. How was it?

    Ah, Tuesday brought me much disappointment, not least because of the House loss, of course…but also Democrat Bill White was running for Texas governor here against the incumbent Republican Rick Perry. He lost, even though he was really popular (former Houston mayor…but even Houston ended up going for Perry). ‘Slick Rick’ also just happens to be a really bad governor, and is now going to be the longest-serving governor in Texas history (…depression). Needless to say, living in the largest red state brings me daily frustration. And if Perry runs for president, which many predict, I will be completely disappointed with Texas for introducing yet another terrible politician nationally. /rant

    1. Sorry for the super-delayed response! Glad you liked the pics. Haha, to clarify, I didn’t have to walk the 80 blocks home — I could have taken the subway — but I thought I might as well since I shouldn’t be lazy all the time and it was such a gorgeous day.

      I was watching the White/Perry race pretty closely — my dad lives and works in Houston and Perry is sort of a TPM favorite for some of his Obama criticisms (and occasional secessionist talk). Sorry for your frustration! Having spent most of my life in Louisiana (who re-elected David “Family Values Unless It Applies To Myself And Prostitutes” Vitter this go-round), I completely understand…

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