It’s like adding chocolate to an electrical storm

Jules. I guess at least I know I’m in good company. Except for the part about weighing 105 pounds. Ugh you and your tiny Asian body. Look what my godparents left me with last weekend:

Yes. Life is a giant, fatty box of chocolates.

The no phone thing is driving everyone crazy. I keep googling the crap out of ‘iPhone 3G iOS 4 unlock’ with a ‘dev blog’ thrown in sometimes. Yesterday, I discovered that the Windows version is coming out from ih8sn0w. Then I read an interview with ih8sn0w. ih8sn0w is a 15-year-old Canadian boy. I am waiting on a 10th grader. Now I feel bad because this probably takes away from his homework time. Great.

Look at our cake! (It’s in the shape of a [messy] cowboy boot! It’s not that someone ate a weird shaped piece out of it.)

Beauty AND substance! It was delicious. (probably mainly due to the pure butter icing we made)

We made it for Southern U.S.-loving Henri’s birthday. He was gonna cry when he saw it. Lauren — I asked Henri about the South African screaming-when-the-knife-hits-the-bottom-of-the-plate tradition. He gave me a blank look. He asked where you were from. I was embarrassed that I didn’t know but I said maybe Johannesburg? He said “Ohhh well that makes sense — knives, screaming, Johannesburg yeah I can see it.” A group of about 6 took me out for my “Welcome lunch” but since I was just joining and Liz is leaving, Henri said it netted out. So basically we were just celebrating his birthday. So we sang! I don’t think he’s ever had American girls around for his birthday, because he was in shock at all the fuss being made. We sang to him in the middle of a restaurant (and later a pub and later on the karaoke mic) (these things don’t happen here regularly, it seems) and another American co-worker sent him a balloon bouquet. He love-hated the attention and turned so red. He didn’t know what hit him.

Me and my two buddies, Sara and Henri 🙂

Being the oldest of three girls is great (from the sibling pov — not always the daughter pov) but these two are so great/mean to me that it’s like having the big brother and big sister I never got to have! I love it. We karaoked together. It was so fantastic. Sarah finally met us after a horribly long trip to Ikea and we went back to Sara&David’s apartment for a bit. Henri taught us all about his hometown, Bloemfontein. Like, really. All four pages, taught us about it. With Sarah narrating, so great. Then of course we somehow got to youtube and Sara showed us great ads for EY and BDO. Okay. Maybe only MPA/accountant readers will appreciate those, but seriously, they are ridiculous. (BDO’s is the best). Also, we came across this. So so so so ridiculous. How about RAWBERRY? Menergy. 400 babies. Kenyans. What?

On a very scenic, surely roundabout so it could be crazy expensive taxi ride home from Sara’s on Friday night, we passed Big Ben!!!! Finally!

Oh man, he’s big. The London Eye looked so beautiful too. And Sarah says you can just take a bottle of champagne and go hang out in that thing for a while.

This week is our first week at Gloucester Street. Besides settling in and taking the tube to work after a couple of weeks of 10-minute walks, ….we have to wait til the weekend for internet. Soooo…adios you guys!


5 thoughts on “It’s like adding chocolate to an electrical storm

  1. ummm no fair can I please have some of that chocolate? looks delicious. I am well on my way to gaining 400 pounds, but I wouldn’t mind some of that chocolate. also beautiful cake… kind of. I mean I don’t know if I would have known what it was without the caption.

    you’re behind the times. the rawberry is video is so old.

    take me to karaoke for my birthday?

  2. Yesss being at the top of the food chain–er, sibling order–is awesome! Agreed.

    And really, I saw that powerthirst commercial way back in freshman year. I’m surprised UT hadn’t already presented it to you. YOUR BABIES WILL RUN LIKE KENYANS.

    and lololol@knives, screaming, and Johannesburg comment from your friend Henri. How does he pronounce his name? Is the Dutch pronunciation like the French one? Because it’d be awesome if you could say that name on a regular basis. Glad that you’ve made good buddies so quickly! 🙂

  3. you could — except i’ve probably eaten most of the things you’d like. unless you like dark chocolate now. karaoke bday in vegas, k?

    argh guys, i’m old now. rawberry is old, fine. oops. but still ridiculous!

    hahaha saloni, its said just like regular old henry. but yes the knives johannesburg thing cracked me up too!

  4. Listen. You tell Henri that he needs to show some respect!
    And for your knowledge, I was born and lived in Durban for 6 years, and then we move to Jo’burg for 5 years. Do I get to meet these people when I come?

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