Dubai facts of the week

Who ever did the PR for Dubai should receive an Effies award. When Americans talk about Dubai, they automatically invision a marvelous, futuristic city – the place with an indoor ski slope, the world’s tallest building and the man-made islands – but there is more to it. Here are your random Dubai facts of the week:

Prayer callings 5 times a day. During my first week in Dubai, my company put me into a hotel near the office. I was staying in a huge hotelroom with 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and huge living/dining area. One night I was in a deep sleep in my  room when I suddenly heard  a loud oooooh-ing voice at 4 in the morning – it sounded like a ghost. Being all alone in a new country, I completely freaked out! The sound continued for 5 minutes – little did I know there was a speaker right outside my window. This ghostlike ooooh-ing was a prayer call. Islam countries peform salat (prayers) five times a day to remind the muslims to say their prayers. I learned the hard way.

No true culture. Come on,think about it… this place use to be a complete desert. The emirati locals are minorities in their own country – the population makes up of emirati, indian,  pakistan, filipinos and expats from the west. People come and go all the time – no one is here to stay for good. Therefore, it’s a place with no true culture.

Holidays depend on the moon. No labor day or MLK day here. Instead we have EID, which marks the end of Ramadan.  The weird thing about about EID are that the dates are never fixed, the official dates are determined based on the moon. We never know the dates until a few days before. Then theres National Day, which marks the formation of the UAE. The main thing the emirati do is decorate their car with the UAE flag and  country colors and drive around in their Mercedez Benz.

Want to learn more? There’s more facts about Dubai to come such as speaking broken English in order to be understood, the miserable life of a taxi driver, Dubai’s labor camps, the service of deliveries and much more.

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