Mentos, the Freshmaker

“Here, let me do it. I have longer legs than you [,you midget].”

That’s what I heard, anyway.. 🙂 Racing out of my temp place to get back to work after lunch, I’d forgotten to put the key in the box and instead, had walked off with it. So Sarah (with her long legs) said she’d run back and do it. In that time, I managed to do some stupid moves in my shoes (thank you lunchtime red wine), and break the heel off. You know, I’d always dreamed of breaking a heel off and then breaking the other one off just like in that Mentos commercial (mhm — from 1994). But let me tell you, guys. That’s not how it happened. I tried to do the same moves so that the other heel would break off too, but of course, it wouldn’t budge. So I hobbled back to the office. Maybe if that guy with the great hair and glasses had been there to watch me, it would’ve been different. At the office, the only other shoes I had were my checkered rain boots. And I just couldn’t decide which was more ridiculous — walking around the office in those or walking around with a phantom heel. Either way, I looked dumb. Because guys, if you don’t do the phantom heel? The floor is VERY slippery. And falling would be most embarrassing of all. Also, you work out one leg way more than the other, and the altitudes you cover with every two steps is just crazy (and makes you look so). So mostly, I tried to stay at my desk. I need to get some Mentos.

Few other notes from the week:

–“No wonder you hang out with so many white people…” in response to ‘Oh no, Chilango (Mexican place a lot like Chipotle but I think .. better) isn’t spicy, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to handle it’

-“Yes! Now the work is outsourced!” after they gave me something to do. They didn’t mean it that way, but yeah, I took it there and they were laughing.

-Kush and I got an email about doing something for the office for Diwali. I went to talk to him about it and was like yeah, I’m Catholic…and he goes, ‘Yeah, I’m a guy…’ So basically, we’ve failed the office as Indians.

-I cannot handle 24 hour time yet. Can’t the day just have 20 hours so that it’s easier to tell what time it is??


-Our building manager is Victor. He is Polish. He looks like Kris Kringle but talks like, I don’t know, someone who talks a lot.

Which reminds me. We are moved in! One week at 26 Gloucester Street and we have internet and my bed now looks like this:

! I love it. If you’re the member of a giant visitor group, you better call dibs early on.
It looks and feels soooo pretty. Hope you have a week that makes you look and feel pretty too!

Also, you work out one leg way more than the other, and the altitudes you cover with every two steps is just crazy (and makes you look so).

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