Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride…

As I sit here eating humus for the first time, waiting until midnight to sign up for next semesters classes I can’t help but think about the absolutely off the walls crazy the weekend I just experienced was. It was almost as crazy as last night when I laid in bed for three hours singing “Ain’t nothing going to break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down. Oh no, I got to keep on movin…” Yikes. Someone drug me please!

Last weekend started with bowling at Southport Lanes. The pins all had to be set by hand and we had to keep our own score so the game took a little longer than usual… and by a little I mean we bowled for three hours and never finished our first game. Everyone was in good spirits though and we all had an amazing time.

Southport Lanes!

The next night was followed by a romantic/cheap date with Patrick before we went to a house/apartment party with my Adlerian life mate Camila. My friends that live at the apartment where the party was a live on the top floor of that building, so they have access to roof. I’ve got to say, they have the most breath taking view I have seen of Chicago from a residence. If I had been thinking straight I would have taken a picture but alas, that did not happen. We were there for about four hours before everyone decided to go dancing at this gay club called Roscoe’s. Cam drove us over and as we were looking for a parking spot we realized there were three cop cars around the front entrance! That’s didn’t hold us back though. OOOOHHH NO! The cops made me want to go in even more!

Myself, Sean (host of party), and Cam!

The first room in Roscoe’s was a huge bar that I passed on. I didn’t want to drink, I wanted to dance! The back room is a huge dance floor. I’ve never seen such hardcore strobe lights and smoke machines! Everyone looked like they were slow motion dancing in a fire! Fantastic. We all start dancing and out of nowhere Camila was mounted by a stranger on the dance floor. We all thought it was the funniest thing that the only straight guy in the club found the only one of us who is engaged. He was really tryin’ to get it too! I didn’t know what to do at first so I did what any good friend would. I decided that the best way to make this guy leave was to also grind up on Camila. Too bad that didn’t work. So I decided to try to take a picture of this guys face to see if he would leave. With all the strobe lights, however, I couldn’t tell what I was pointing the camera at and I just got an amazing pic of Cam. The guy stayed until all the lights were turned on in the club and we were kicked out. On my way off the dance floor I turned around and low and behold! THERE WAS THE GUY! Still dancing even though there was no music, the lights were on, and everyone was walking away from him. He must have been high.

The flash of red on the right side of Cam is the creeper...

The group met up again outside of Roscoe’s and while we were waiting for the last of our party to show an amazing thing happened to Pat! The front door is two stairs up from the side walk and we were standing just at the bottom of the stairs. Pat was just hangin’ around when a drag queen (a fabulous one I might add) walks out of the club and offers Pat her hand to be escorted down the two stairs. Pat helped her down and as a reward the lady (in enormous high heels) gave Pat a big smooch on the cheek! One more reason to love Pat! He’s never shocked, she’s never grossed out, he goes with the flow! He had a great time. Who knew that my man would be so willing to bust it out in Chicago!

Myself and Pat

The following night was Saturday and I had of course double booked my schedule. I was suppose to go to The Spread to watch the Mizzou game with friends but I was also suppose to go to District Bar for the Adler all school social. So I got all dolled up, tucked my good heels away in my purse for later, and we walked about a mile to watch the game. Amazing friends were there so it was of course a great time. It’s just too bad Mizzou got cocky about their winning streak and started losing.

Dov and Laura at The Spread

At halftime Pat and I got on the brown line and went into the loop for the social. I of course whipped out my heels just as we walked in the door. The layout of the bar was fantastic. It’s all dark wood, hidden doors, open spaces. It’s just too bad that one of the bartenders there was the rudest service industry individual I have ever met in my entire life. A group of eight sexy Adlerians walked up to the bar with our all-you-can-drink neon yellow wrist bands we had paid for and ordered three drinks and eight shots. The bartender asks to see our wrist bands, counts them out, pours all the drinks and shots… and then tries to charge us $75! I looked at him and said “no, we are part of the Adler group” and he had the nerve to look at me slap his hands down on the bar and say “NO BAR IN AMERICA GIVES OUT SHOTS FOR FREE! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?” Okay okay okay. Let me get this straight… #1. We told you we were with Adler and you counted out our wrist bands? Why did you do that if you were going to charge us? #2. Why aren’t you doing your job? As a former server of many years I know for a fact that it is your job to inform me is something I order is not part of my parties wrist band special. #3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me and my friends, you have to treat us like we are celebrities. That’s how the service industry goes! Cuss me out in your head! I don’t care! Just be nice to my face and don’t act like an ass! Woooo. I feel better now. Needless to say we went to the bar at the back of this place for the rest of the night. No we did not pay a dime for those shots.

Adlerians at the social...

Sunday was a more relaxed day where I sat back and tried to take in all the ridiculousness. I’m sure you can imagine how many pictures I managed to take, and I went over and over them just reliving every moment. Sunday ended with having dinner with cousin Concetta/Michelle (AKA Con-shell-a).

It was the most fun Pat and I have had in the city since we moved. I’m so happy because I know it was just the tip of the iceberg. So here is to all the good times to come!

Am I allowed to have an affair with the city? I would if it was possible. X0x0


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