You can COUNT on me (to be a cheeseball)

I love counting things and making them relate to each other even if they don’t wanna soooo…

I can’t remember which publication I’m stealing this from (every publication ever?) but let’s do my very own
The Week in Numbers.

3,500: ‘specimens and preparations’ we will be surrounded by at our Christmas party at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. Sounds creepy when I say it like that, but it looks pretty cool:

Chrismaween Party? Hallo-ismas?

0: number of medical doctors in attendance (as far as I know)

1,451: views TFitC has had since its birth about a month ago (how is this possible!? love!!)
2: sisters I have. They can’t be responsible for all of that, right??

35: days I’ve been living in London!
3: days I’ve had a phone. Whoops.

9: people who laughed but didn’t know what it was when I asked about ‘gardening leave’
32,000: lowball number of students protesting tuition hikes in London — they don’t get any gardening leave. That’s paid-for-classtime they’re missing to stand up for what they believe in!

4: steps I fell down riiiiight after meeting a new friend
0: drinks I’d had.

2: hilarious puns I laughed at all week (see below)
397: times this lady tried to laugh but couldn’t because of the botox

She told me to!

Oh by the way. I went to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere last Thursday. But, I did something super uncharacteristic and forgot my camera :((((( So all I had was my phone and here’s what I got:

Premiere at Odeon Theatre in Leicester Square
Snape and Hallow Symbol!
Hallow, Boys

Seriously though, that caption says
“Hallow, boys: Emma Watson, 20, oozes star quality as she upstages her co-stars on the red carpet”

Speaking of puns, here are my two faves of the week that kept cracking me up:

RT @FakeAPStylebook You can expect to find an independent clause in various North Pole singles bars on Christmas Eve.

courtesy of v. sharma, who also gave me the other gem:

me: wait i have to fatten up with some rhubard crumble first
Versha: rhubard
Versha: yum
Versha: shakespeares favorite
Versha: (groan)
£1,000,000: GBP value of the joy you will hear in my voice if you call.
£0.00: what it would cost to call if you used Skype on your iPhone.
HOW. insane is that. I am still reeling. Reeling, I tell you!

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