No I haven’t seen it…

Yes I am award that HP7.1 has come out, and no I have not seen it. Yes it breaks my heart and no I will not be seeing it for a little while longer. Every time a Harry Potter book or movie has come out I have usually been dressed up like Moaning Myrtle, waiting in line hours ahead of time waiting to get the book/see the movie with all the other huge Potter fans. Not a joke. I dress up. Don’t care. I even decorated a plastic toilet seat from Wal-Mart to complete my Myrtle costume. This time around… no game.

My favorite HP character Moaning Myrtle...

Don’t think I didn’t hear about it from all over though. All of FB was polluted with HP stuff. For example VERSHA gave a huge spoiler in her FB status. Hope those who read her status had also read the books, cause if they didn’t, people like Pat would suddenly know who dies! Thanks Versh. 😉 She wasn’t alone though. It was everywhere. And I was left out.

Me and the status spoiler!

I was definitely doing something amazing though. I went to Second City for the first time Saturday night! Second City as in the home of my second husband Jimmy Fallon. The home of SNL cast members for the past four decades. I grew up wanting to work at Second City. I also wanted purple hair and a tongue piercing. Guess a lot changes over time. Have quite a few drinks with Mom, Pat, and Michelle. Laughed hysterically. Took some crazy pictures. Absolutely amazing time. It’s probably the only adventure that would make me feel better about missing out on the big HP7 night!

Second hub...

The whole weekend is going to pass before I get to see HP. I have work to do people! I can’t just go to movies whenever! Looks like Tuesday night would be the opportunity but who knows how I’ll feel after presenting in class, riding a train for 5 hours, and driving from St. Louis to Columbia for 2. I hope this isn’t a sign I’m getting old! Ha ha. What bull shit.

Have a crap load of work to do this weekend before Thanksgiving break next week! Woo hoo! Can’t wait to eat doughnuts. I only have doughnuts once a year and that is Thanksgiving morning. I’ll take pictures… of the break, not of the doughnuts.


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