It’s like The Real World meets Boy Meets World meets Days of our Lives

Girls are some moody bia s, aren’t they? Where can I get a mood ring that transports me to the mood I want to be in instead of one that shows me what mood I am in!? I already know what mood I’m in!

First, apologies to anyone affected by my mood swings, whether it’s via phone, in-person, text, email, etc etc etc. I’m pretty talented in allowing it to transcend ordinary media barriers.

All this to say, look how bad of a rep the word ‘mood’ itself has at all! No one ever says ‘Oh man was she in a mood’ and mean that she was ecstatic. Poor ‘mood.’ Negative connotations are killer. Anyone else want to help ‘mood’ out and give it a good connotation? While we’re changing the world, let’s bring Jennifer Paige back. Her [two-years-old-] new single with Nick Carter, Beautiful Lie, is kinda catchy! It semi-steals the title from Shakira and Beyonss, and the beat from Lady Gaga/Ace of Base, but hey, give her a break, okay? She’s 37 and only ever had [a] Crush.


Settling into London is finally happening. I think the last big purchase left was a TV, and now that that’s ordered and on it’s way, what else is there? When it comes, and I turn it on — it will be the first time since I’ve been here and that seems crazy.

Rain has also come down every couple of days, so I have my bubble/birdcage umbrella to combat that.

But I need a flashlight or a mini-sun or something to deal with the early darkness. It gets dark at 3:30! On Friday, I seemed to have missed the everyone’s-leaving-early memo (along with at least 4 other Americans left in the office…hmmm…), and that, combined with the early darkness, got me really confused when I got an email that greeted me “Good Afternoon!”

Last week also brought news of the Royal Engagement of ‘Wills and Kate.’ All the papers call him ‘Wills’ — doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but okay. Anyway, St. Paul’s (where Charlie and Di got hitched) is riiiight by my office, and Westminster Abbey (where Wills and Kate are gonna get married) is really close to my place, so I think that means I’m invited, right?! Pretty exciting. Royal Wedding and HP:DH Part 2 in 2011 (no, I still haven’t seen Part 1 — going tonight. But whatever! I saw Rupert! and JK! and Helena Bonham Carter, to name a few last week!) and Summer Olympics in 2012. Seems like a pretty good time to be a resident of London.


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