Namaste, I’m in Nepal

I left off last time with a story about Eid Al Ahda. I was so proud about my story about Ibrahim, but turns out I had a few parts of the story wrong. Whoopsie daisy. I won’t make corrections because it’s just funny to read. Well, to continue on with Eid, I flew to Nepal last Wednesday- my first time in that part of the sub-continent.

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10 comments about my trip to Nepal

1. Mental Note: Fly Dubai airlines goes to Kathmandu, Nepal – there’s no need to fly Air Arabia from Sharjah.

2. Kathmandu is a dirty beautiful place: Never in my life have I seen so many people and homes crammed together in one city. The view of Kathmandu from the plane was a complete clutter. It’s a dirty place, however it’s filled with so many lovely people. There i just something I love about traveling to poor countries.

3. Driving disaster: Now imagine this crammed place and driving through it. Let’s just say you can get away with any driving tricks in Nepal and drivers are willing to make any moves to get through traffic. Also, pedestrians don’t care about getting hit – crossing these dirt streets with a traffic jam without looking both ways is not too important to them, I guess.

4. Do go out in Kathmandu: A big group of us started the night off with a few drinks at a lovely place called Garden of Dreams. It was the most beautiful place I  had seen in Kathmandu. Then we headed to these run down bars on the corner of every street. At one bar, 10 of us ordered rounds and rounds of drinks and food for 4 hours. We get the bill and it is US $ 80. Unbelievable! 10 BUCKS a person for several rounds of drinks and food. Quite a bargain.

5. Head towards Pokhara for the view of a lifetime: A few of our friends traveled to Pokhara before us and didn’t get the opportunity to see the mountain views and snow caps because of the fog. We got lucky one morning and were able to catch the view. Magnificent scenery!

6. Tea Houses are highly recommended: Tea houses offer the most minimal accommodation, it was enough to sleep comfortably. I would have even preferred it over the 5 star hotels in Kathmandu. Not only are you served a delicious meal but you get to enjoy it with a mountain view at these Tea Houses.

7. Masala tea with milk: My drink of the trip. I would have it with every meal. Perfect warmth for the tummy.

8. Drive from Kathamandu to Pokhara, don’t fly: We took a 30 minute flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and had to wait for hours both ways due to “fog.” The drive would have been perfect for viewing the scenery. Someone try it next time and let me know how the journey is.

9. Veggie Momos: Nepal is known for their Momos. Basically they are dumplings, but are shaped different and called Momos. One of the best dishes Nepal has to offer.

10. Trekking in Nepal is the best way to get into shape: All of us are in our twenties and a 44 year old man was a better trekker than all of us combined. It hit us how out of shape we were. Next personal goal is trekking for 21 days in Nepal.



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