Hmm. Well I can’t say it was my first thanksgiving outside of the U.S. (see Puerta Vallarta, 2006). And I can’t say it was my first without the family (see Australia, 2007). Because I tried to — I typed both those things and realized they were false. So. It was my first Thanksgiving in London! And it lasted three days.

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Day 1: Mostly, it was just Thursday and Thanksgiving and probably pretty productive since basically no one was on gchat! But Sarah and I wanted to stop at Bea’s after work for some apple streusel crumble or pumpkin pie just because it was Thanksgiving (because lunch was … burritos at Chilango). However, we got there and they were closing for a private event soooo we grabbed pumpkin pie (well..Sarah did. I got a vanilla-Bailey’s cupcake. Happy Thanksgiving, AA!) and headed home.

Day 2: Worksgiving. So we uh. Taught our co-workers about Thanksgiving…see above. Ken (man in pilgrim hat) was narrating whilst the rest of us ‘acted.’ Best parts:
-Ken says something about scurvy and Marith (pilgrim) fake pukes — and then says “I don’t know what scurvy does?”
-Ken says something about how  the Indians taught the pilgrims how to cultivate corn, how to fish, and how to know which plants were to avoid because they were poisonous — to which Sara added,  “Uhh..don’t touch those!”

It was ridiculous and hilarious and awesome. And the food was pretty good too.

Day 3: Potlucksgiving. Meeting up with friends of friends and friends of friends of friends here is Sarah’s and my thing. So we did that on Saturday night. Another Sarah, Ashley, and Mike were taking care of the turkey (and pheasant — to add a British touch) and pies and my Sarah and I made mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, respectively. We freezingly made our way to Clapham but it was totally worth it because we had so much fun. Us 5 Americans plus Canadian Tara who made us salad (with a touch of maple syrup hahaha). And it was very fitting because I definitely felt disgustingly full afterwards. But I didn’t puke. Some random girl on the bus did on our way home, so we had to GET OFF. In the freakin 27* cold!!!

So no, we didn’t get any days off here (but hey! We get Royal Wedding April 29th day off, remember? Making for 3 work days sandwiched between 2 4 day weekends — 11 day holiday where you only have to take 3 days vacation, anyone?) but it was still a great Thanksgiving weekend. Can you beat it the next time I’m home for Turkey Day, USA??


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