Thanks for the germs…

What happens when a girl goes home for the Thanksgiving holiday after being a ball of stress for weeks? Chaos I tell you… Chaos.

The presentation I had been freaking out about took place on the morning of Tuesday the 23rd. I had practiced so much that my voice had started going out the night before. It went very well which is why I was so relieved when class was over so I could get on the Hogwarts Express… er… the ordinary train home one hour after class. On the train I watched Elf and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I didn’t hit Dad’s house until 10:30 so all I did that night was talk to Dad. It was an amazing conversation thought seeing as he has recently started to listen to the Harry Potter books on CD. So FINALLY we can discuss our favorite characters and I can bitch to him about what in the movies is different!

Wednesday started as all of my days do with school work but when the sun set my inner cheetah came out as myself and four close friends dressed up in as much fringe, glitter, fishnets, feathers, and velvet as humanly possible and went to see Burlesque. Personally I liked it. It wasn’t Kung Fu Panda but I would put it on par with Stick it (Don’t bash my movie choices!) so I found it highly enjoyable. The dancing was of course my favorite part! And Cher. Oh Cher. May your long legs live on forever. If I could turn back time I would go back and see that movie twice in a row… Did you see what I did there? IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME? Okay, never mind.

Rita, Sid, and myself ready to go!
My full costume for the night...

Thanksgiving Day Dad and I cooked by ourselves which is very very scary. Neither of us are great chefs but we do what we can. Everything turned out really well. I was put in a very deep turkey coma for a while and THEN…………….. THE MOMENT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! I saw HARRRY POTTER 7! Ah, and I cried and cried. Loved it. Thought it was visually stunning. Not sure how I feel about the sex vision Ron saw but whatever. I guess the movie had to be spiced up. Loved the dance scene with Harry and Herm. How sweet. It’s terrible but Daniel Radcliff is taller than me so were we to fall in love we wouldn’t have any height issues. Dad and I decorated out Christmas tree that night and watched the God Father which isn’t traditionally a Christmas movie… but it should be.

Daddy with food....

Friday was a work day AGAIN but Friday night was a night on the town. Saw so many wonderful people… and a couple of not so wonderful people. I love when my friends have huge triumphs. It makes me such a proud mama. ONE TRUE GUILTY PLEASURE: One of my favorite people in the whole world Erin Scott and I go to McNally’s and split nachos and cheese sticks. Not good for the heart but good for the soul. I won at a game of darts which is good for the ego… too bad I cheated. Lots of drinks, lots of laughs. The night ended with me running into the love of my life at a bar. Ha ha. I seriously walked up to the bar at Quinton’s and there stood Pat Bauer. Perfect.

Jeff and myself...
Hailey, Rita, Kevin, Grace, and myself...
Pat, John, Sean, and Jay...

Saturday was also a work day. I finished a ten page paper that day, which was my last assignment in my Community Psychology class that has been taunting me since Sept. I went out again that night with Pat and some friends to Tellers, and again to McNally’s and then to a ping pong show off at a friend’s house. The person who says Columbia is boring is a dumb ass.

Sunday was a work day. Just cause my ten page paper was done didn’t mean that I got a break! I worked and worked… and then I started to think… hmmmm… my throat hurts. I worked a little longer… and huh… my throat hurt worse. Of course the price I pay for seeing friends and de-stressing is that I get a cold. Worked on a different paper all Sunday night and on the train home Monday. Finished it last night.

This is my schedule for the next 2 weeks.
Tonight and tomorrow: write my Advocacy paper
Thursday and Friday: answer my Issues and Ethics final exam questions
Saturday and Sunday: Research what to present to my Issues and Ethics class on Wednesday
Monday-Thursday: Study for my Theories of Psychotherapy final
Thursday at 12:30: Breath and possibly have a drink because the semester will be over!
If I do not blog again it is because I have not survived.


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