Dead Week

It’s the only excuse I can come up with. We’re still living in the days of college and getting to have a ‘dead week’? Maybe the girls will get on the ball and start posting too because it appears that if I don’t post, they don’t feel guilty enough to have to post that week either……….

Reasons I could pretend to use to excuse dead week. I could have been dead because:

-COOOOOOOLD! so cold it snowed! it was beautiful and magical and snowtastic. Also, it was freezing. Or, well, below freezing.

isn't it magical?!

took this pic because I thought it was cool –> 

Next day, it had turned into this pic –> 

-3 2 am nights in a row. With work the next day for two of them. What was I thinking?! Though really, not my fault. Night 1 was started by welcome drinks from work, first round  paid for by work. Night 2 was saying bye to some guys who will be gone for a month or so. And night 3 was using a Groupon. I mean, come on.

-of pride

-from shock. When I lived here when I was 3, I was ob-sess-ed with Kylie Minogue. So when my tv finally gets delivered here and I set it up and put it on and the first image that comes up is Kylie being interviewed?? Shock. Fate. Amaze.


-from laughter? These two were at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. (sidenote: is there a Hyde Park in every big city in the world?. With Katy Perry playing in the background. Juuuuust the way to get into the Christmas Spirit! Though they did have a lot of spirits at the stalls. Jagerbombs and shots. Maybe that’s all the spirit they wanted you to have.

-of happiness. mmmmmm meat

at the Real Food Christmas Market near Waterloo

-of embarrassment. Sara was embarrassed of my outfit when I walked out with her to find a cab. And I can totally see my parents and/or Meghna being embarrassed of it (Karishma’s outfit would be worse so I have nothing to worry about there).


this pianist guy: 

is this pianist guy: how cool!

And also also, Lance! Followed me to London. In case any of you were wondering what his butt looks like, see the middle row, first pic. Also, his veins in the bottom middle.

See you here next week! Post-Christmas party, pre-coming home! Or just see you at home 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dead Week

  1. 1. thank you for my study break
    2. RUDE. except probably true. yesterday i wore a checkered shirt with striped socks and a bandini scarf. … i just wanted to be warm.

  2. youre welcome 😀

    you can help me write next week!!!!! or be a guest writer!!!!! woot.
    (because you obviously have to be in the same place as me to do that. we dont have anything called the ‘internet’ or anything)

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