The reintroduction of my face and the toilet…

Words can’t describe how hung over I am. Last night was the Christmas party for the country club I use to work at and DUH I don’t work there anymore but I had to go see everyone! I saw some great friends, had a well balanced dinner of pizza, cheese balls, and vodka, and took lots of pictures… which I of course can’t share with anyone because my camera died and I don’t have my charger with me. Perfect, right? It was an amazing night and I got to talk to so many people that I haven’t seen since summer.

I have been in Columbia for one week on the dot now and so far it has been much more relaxing than any trips home during the semester. I got home last Tuesday and got to see my Dad and Lisa, my crew from my home dance studio, and my dear dear friend Erin. It was relaxing because I wasn’t stressing to get as many people seen as possible. I actually got to enjoy my time visiting instead of thinking about what work I should be getting done. Wednesday I stayed home and finished my Ethics final exam, which was total BS, and took all day to finish. I did NOTHING Wed night. Just stayed in and relaxed. I would consider Thursday to be my first day of my break so I decided to do nothing on that day as well. Friday I shopped with my friend Tony and had a wonderful dinner that night with Tony, Erin, and Kevie. Then we went to my favorite Columbia bar to see a bunch of other people and play darts (which I dominated in). Saturday Mom came into town. It was amazing to see her like always. We had a great dinner with her friends and hung out all night. Sunday my Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and cousins came into town for “Hickam” Christmas. Em spent the night and helped me make about 5 dozen cookies with Pat’s mother. Yesterday I shopped more. I found a favorite sweater at Gap and wanted to buy it in every color, but I held back and only got it in purple and brownish-grey. Last night was the party and the reintroduction of my face to the toilet bowl. I was fine until I sat down and got sleepy. I started to spin and then I started to vomit. Oh well.

Today I am doing nothing. And I am liking it. I ate lunch. Checked facebook. Played on Watched Pat play killing video games with his brother. And that is all. It has been the most lovely relaxing day.

I must admit however that I miss Chicago. I like my apartment and my neighborhood. There are some people in Columbia that I see and I have to be nice too, but in my head I’m thinking “dammit, I wish I was in Chicago right now.” I have gotten three of my four grades for the semester back. A-:2, A:1. Not bad! I’m expecting my missing grade to also be a good one too. I’m really looking forward to next semester and all the amazing experiences yet to come. FOR EXAMPLE: I start my community service practicum in January which I think is going to be amazing. I have all of my classes with my dear friend Camila. I am expecting lots of visitors. I can’t wait for my 25th birthday celebration in Chicago. No plans have been made yet but I know it will be awesome. Dad is coming to Chicago for his birthday in Feb. It’s going to be amazing. Life is good.

It’s that time of year where I need to come up with some new year’s resolutions. Last year my resolution was to get into grad school which I did. It’s the first time I’ve ever actually held to a resolution so I need to come up with a good one for this year too. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.
I’ll have to post pictures later! Sorry about that.



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