It’s Monday somewhere? (I know it’s not)

The next few weeks feel like they will be madness. But awesome madness. I am SO excited!!

Should I catch you (you = Meghna, Karishma, Anupa, and Saloni) up? Or do you know what’s been going on since the last post? Well anyway, I’m just talking to myself here because obviously you are not going to reply. Cliff’s Katie’s notes: got home! yay! Christmas at home was fab. Came back to Londontown with Lolly (‘with’ is used loosely. She ditched me for 1st class), celebrated New Year’s at Meza and then on the Thames, watching the fireworks over the London Eye (refer to fb for pics?). She abandoned me on Sunday but we had such a great 4 days together, soooo glad she came 🙂

Since then, I don’t know what I’ve done. Let me go through my pics and see what I can find.

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Included above: Christmas, New Year’s, Trip to Wimbledon at Sertan and Grant’s [bed&breakfast&we’re-driving-you-to-Brighton-because-we’re-the-aweseomest],

Here’s the skedj for those madness weeks I was talking about:

Feb 3rd-6th — Germany! Dusseldorf, Bonn, and Cologne with Sertan, Grant, and Sarah.

Feb 11th-14th — Geneva, Switzerland! Romantic V-day wknd with Sarah

Feb 25th-Mar 1st — US of A. Dallas Fri-Sun for Felisa’s wedding! Houston Sun-Tues and then…

Mar 1st — Eric and I fly back together on Continental flight 34, woooo! And Lena flies alongside on AA!

Mar 2nd — Billy Elliot!

Mar 3rd-Mar5th — Edinburgh, Scotland! Castles and Scotch and the Loch Ness Monster

Mar 6th — Urrk leaves 😦

Mar 10th-Mar 13th — Lena, Sarah, and I jet off to Maltaaaa

Mar 14th — Lena leaves 😦

I am SOOOO excited. I will try to take real pictures on my camera. Like the old Katie.


2 thoughts on “Tripsaholic

  1. OMG, how can you have so much time to go on all these trips?! (and $$?? oh wait, you’re employed) all of your trips sound so exciting but i’m most excited about your Edinburgh trip…it’s seriously one of my favorite cities in Europe — SO GORGEOUS. you’ll see what i mean, of course, but aah!! have a great time!! SCOTLAND IS BEAUTIFUL…oh yeah, so are Germany, Switzerland, and…no not really Dallas. =)

  2. 😀 Because I have weekends, and no homework, and 5 weeks of vacation!! 😀

    I’m pretty excited about Edinburgh too. Mostly because my friends Lena and Eric are coming and we imagine our train to be the Hogwarts express and are hoping for a sweets trolley to come by.. and Lena is going to ‘turn down the AC so it feels like the dementors are around’ hahahaha

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