Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you sing with me?

Why are little kids singing in their little kiddie voices just the cutest thing ever!? Checking out at the grocery store on my way home, not one, but TWO little girls in a stroller are singing together — first their ABC’s and then Twinkle Twinkle (those versatile tunes with multiple lyrics!). I just kept smiling at them. Sooooo cute.

How is January over?!?! I’m gonna tell you half of my ABC’s to sum up January. And the other half can be for Feb.

A: Aloo Saag Quesadillas — genius appetizer custom-made by Chef Sertan. Amazing and delicious.

B: Brighton — the pier! the beach(.)! afternoon tea at Havana! the drive! fantastic day

C: Cellar Door — seriously a random set of stairs near Aldwych circle that descend into the ground to a bar. Tiny bar, but pretty cool.

E: English — the one language I thought I knew but am learning that I do not. I know American. Cleverclogs? Moreish? Drawing pins? He’s ‘making shapes’? What?

G: Greenwich Park — went here a few weekends ago. Beautiful park AND the clock with GMT/zero hour/my new hometime, woooot. The last time I went, I was the age of those twins from the grocery store and probably singing nursery rhymes obnoxiously loudly. Or telling my dad that ‘my knickers were stuck in my bum.’ As my parents recount to me every so often. Hopefully someone thought I was cute too.

H: Henderson — a drink composed of Campari and white wine. You guys? Campari is gross. I do not recommend this drink.

I: India — where Mom, Dad, and Meg jetted off to. Our fam is spread over three continents right now. Isn’t that crazy pazy?

L: London Eye with Lauren — Fireworks on the Thames. What a way to ring in 2011. It was so pretty and so much fun and quite an adventure. Randos wanting pictures with Lauren, randos trying to steal midnight kisses, randos saying hi to my parents on Skype on my phone. I don’t need to specify that the randos were drunkies, right? That’s obvious?

N: Narcolepsy — New self-discovery. Pretty sure I have it. Or am a huge bum/loser. Or have bad sleeping habits. Or only know boring people. Or all of the above.

P: Pinotage — Amazing South African red wine I tasted at Shaka Zulu. Sarah and I wanted to go because we had a Groupon (we are kind of Groupon maniacs now), but we went when Sarah’s friends Becky and Kristy were visiting and we invited three people from work — and kind of forgot to use the Groupon. But the food was delish (springbok (I know. It’s cute. Didn’t know what it was til the next day), bobotie, and boerewors) and so was the wine.

S: Sixteen going on Seventeen — sang this with Toby, one of the hosts/regulars at Show Off. It was faaaaaaaab. And when we got to the instrumental part, Nathan, the pianist goes, ‘This is the part where you’re supposed to leap around the pavilion!’ — So then Toby and I danced in front of the piano. Magic.

T: Tate Modern — Saw some pretty cool/crazy/abstract-I-don’t-get-it paintings and sculptures and installation pieces. Section on dreams (nope, not updated since last April. But check out the song :D) — my fave.

V: Valerie — Man. I used to hate Santana on Glee. And I’m not an Amy Winehouse fan. But this song has got me addicted. It just makes me want to dance. I love it!

I think I left all the hard letters (all the high-scoring letters, if we’re thinking in Scrabble terms) for next month, so that should be reeeeeeally creative interesting.

Well. Since my next trip is to Germany (Thursday!), I think it only fitting to say So long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you sing with me?

  1. I just wanted to say that I like letter N and V. N because it made me laugh. V because I felt exactly the same way. Played that song on repeat after I saw it on Glee. Will go listen to it now.

  2. 1. SO COOL that your family is spread over three continents!!
    2. I LOVE GREENWICH PARK TOO! it was beautiful, especially the green expanse juxtaposed with the city skyline. sighhh. it started raining while we were there though, big surprise.
    3. Shaka Zulu looks AWESOME. i really want to live in Europe and encounter these types of things.

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