Un instant SVP

That’s what my fave phrase in Switzerland was. Shown to me every time I swiped my credit card. And I have to plagiarize and use it because I still haven’t finished Germany, haven’t posted pictures (I know!!! What’s wrong with me?!), and can’t start this Geneva post for real yet, but we just zoomed from airport to train straight to work yesterday morning (with a stop for burrito lunch pick-up of course) and it’s been madness, I don’t know where the time goes. This weekend will be slow. I think. But next Friday, I’ll be jetting off back to the States for Felisa’s wedding! Will for sure update before then but need to catch up on sleeeeeeep now. Soonsies!
Oops. I should check on my ‘for sure’ definitions.

Alright. GENEVA. SO beautiful. I loved it from the moment we started our descent. Flying in to Geneva, was one of the most beautiful 20 minutes of my life. I completely disregarded the ‘Please turn off your electronics at this time as we descend into Geneva’ (shhhhhhh!) because I just HAD to take pictures. Gah. The mountains, the lake, the sun, the chateaus, the green. It. Was. Just. Gorgeous. After landing and getting our passport stamps (MAN I love how my passport looks! 🙂 ), we got our free bus tickets for tourists (Note to Geneva: though this is an amazing and friendly service, it does NOT make up for your exorbitant prices on everything else. Just fyi.) and headed to meet Brian. Brian met us at the bus stop and we walked to his place. His place is sooo cute and has a balcony from which you can see the Old Town area, the Jet d’Eau, and on a clear day, Mont Blanc. We sat around for a while and then went to get groceries for dinner. Brian cooked us an amazing meal of roast chicken stuffed with fennel, onions, and …other delicious things I can’t remember now. Along with some red wine, vegetables, and yummy bread with Bonne Maman jam and Guyere cheese, we had a scrumptious dinner. Followed by molten<!–more–> chocolate lava cake. Completely spoiled us. So so good. After digesting all that, we headed out to Le Garconierre to dance and catch the late night drag show. Fiiiiiiiinally, I heard form Top 40 pop/hip-hop/RIHANNA, which I do miss. Plus some Kylie. Remembered how much I used to love going to Malaia and …yes, Spill and Pure. And then the drag show. So good! So much fun to watch and sing along and just be entertained. Followed by a bit more dancing and then heading home at .. 4am – walking. Got home and Skyped with Brian’s friend Dan, so didn’t go to bed til 530. Gahhhh.

On Saturday, Sarah and I realized that our plan was to go straight into work on Monday, but that neither of us had brought work clothes. Really smart. So we went shopping and realized that Geneva prices were insane. Things we’d seen in London just at places like H&M were marked up like crazy!

That night, we went to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend of Brian’s and then hung out with his friends, a lot of whom were CERN physicists. (!) Another late night of drinking and dancing and then the walk home.

Sunday was a late start and Sarah and I walked around in the warm(ish) weather while Brian worked. That evening, we went to the Bains de Paquis and though it was freezing outside, went between the hammam, the sauna, and the baths in our bathing suits. There was olive oil soap and lots of naked people. It was a good time.

Followed by! Fondue. I’m not the biggest cheese fan, but I really enjoyed it. Bread? Good. Cheese? Good. Meat? Good! Ended the night with some bananagrams and another pre-flight round of it in the morning too! Before heading back to London and straight into work…whirlwind life? I’ve used the term whirlwind 90 times in the past month. But I loveee it!


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