Another Monday–VANISHED. I do not know where they are going. Or how it’s almost March. Or how I’ve now been a London resident for four months already!!! That doesn’t sound like a lot actually, but it feels crazy. It’s 11:15pm and I really have to go to bed but I have been keeping notes on what I need to update for Germany and Geneva! Plus pictures. And the rest of this post can be the leftover alphabets, I think. All work for Friday’s 10 hour plane ride? I think so. That’s the plan anyway! See you then. ❤


Stuck to this plan! See below:

25 February 2011
It’s 6:45am . I left my apartment at 2:15am to get a 2:31 bus to get a 2:53 bus to get a 5:50 boarding flight to Frankfurt to get an 8:50 boarding flight to Dallas to get to Felisa and Matt’s 5pm rehearsal dinner. And oh hey, I’m still in London. Got in past security to the departures screen, found my flight aaaaaaaand…it’s cancelled. Oh cool. Tried my hardest to get out of there and back to the Lufthansa desk, encounter rudey tudeys who send me in a circle, and finally end up at the seems-like-miles-away Lufthansa desk about 40 minutes later, if not more. Rebook me to a direct flight on AA (sweet!) but it’s in a different terminal. Go to check in and there’s ‘Security’ before check-in at AA? And by security, they mean people asking you if you packed your own bags and have accompanied them the whole time – I thought they stopped doing that years ago? Then this bia questions me and almost makes me cry because my ticket is one way because Lufthansa just rebooked that one part of my itinerary (obviously!). She asks a million questions for security, that’s fine. But then asks how I got to the airport and how much I paid? And then wants to SEE my Oyster card??? I was obviously not overreacting because the other worker there was giving me apology eyes and mouthing ‘Sorry.’ Whyyyyyyy. My eyes hurt from not being closed. They miss the backs of my eyelids. Will they ever see them again? That’s what blows about traveling alone/without the whole 5Dara jingbang. I can’t even take a nap because then I’ll essentially leave my things unattended and fail AA security.

Moaning over. On to the alphabet.

D: Dusseldorf! – Bought way too much, Ate way too much. See here

F: Felisa&Matt’s wedding-on my way there!

J: Javier Bardem – in Biutiful-good.

K: Kissing Sid James- Rando pando play I saw thanks to a groupon. The title was written in scrabble tiles. That was all it took to rope me in.

M: Mummy’s birthday – Thanks to amazing friends like Claire and Eric, I could get flowers and cake delivered to my ma. ❤

O: One – cab ride with Sir David Tweedie, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board. Just the ride back from the IFRS Advisory Council meeting to the office, but still. I was ecstatic to be invited (by name!), and was completely nerdstruck and couldn’t contribute to any conversation between him, COO Tom, and Director of Technical Activities Alan. Oh well. I got to be part of their insiders’ club for ten minutes.

Q: Quid. Mah money. Turned into coloUrful Euros and Swiss Francs as seen below!

Swiss francs!

R: Rihanna – the tranny. Drag show in Geneva, best galman there.

U: Unknown. The identity of the person who sent Anders, a guy at the office, a Valentine. The Valentine had a poem, and a postscript that said ‘I’m wearing stripes.’ I immediately gchatted Sarah about it when I found out and we were both thankful that we weren’t wearing stripes that day. At lunch, however, Anders came into the kitchen and asked me, ‘Soooo…would you consider what you’re wearing today to be stripes?’ and I looked down, and ah crap. Turns out I was wearing stripes. I said ‘Yeah, I guess…why?’ ‘Did you write me a Valentine?’ ‘..No, I didn’t, sorry.’ ‘But you’re the only girl in stripes! Well besides Patrina (married woman upstairs) and some random girl on the East side. And two guys.’ Guys? This mystery is still unsolved. And forgotten, I think, so no big.

W: Walsh, Brian. Highly recommended gourmet chef/CERN physicist/host of Swiss relaxation weekends in Geneva. See Un instant SVP.

X: X – 8 points in Scrabble. On sale as a ring at Camden market. Loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee

(PS my desktop background is of a picture of a print I bought in Dusseldorf)

Y: Y chromosome outward displays. Ie, boy parts, to keep it PG. Or sailboats, as Lena dubbed them on our trip to Hippie Hollow in Austin a summer or two ago. Lots of them. At the Turkish baths. See Un instant SVP.

Z: Zadar, Croatia. No, haven’t been there, but saw it on the specials list for roundabouts £20, soooo…throwing it on the list.


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