Reporting from the US of A

Missed the day again. Because I was passed out from exhaustion and jetlag? It has been quite the whirlwind weekend, what with Felisa & Matt’s wedding, Papa’s play, and errands to pick up things to take back. And all in a little over 72 hours. All to be detailed later? Later, later, later. And February’s over. How. —— Okay. And now we’re on to mid-March where I’m writing from but reporting on end of Feb/beginning of March. Extra long post? Sars. I finally made it to Dallas, and was picked up by the bride, the then-Miss Felisa Floresca. How special am I! I felt pretty bad since the only time my name had shown up on the to-do list for the bridal party that week was ‘3:00pm-Pick Natasha up from the airport’ :/ Felisa and I went to Whole Foods (or was it a Central Market?) right next to the church before the rehearsal and just chatted. It was so nice to catch up. My groomsman was delayed out of CA, so I had to learn to walk down the aisle by mahself. Don’t worry guys, I handled it. After the rehearsal, we had a lovely dinner at Ruth’s Chris in downtown Fort Worth. The dinner was cute with a slideshow by Matt’s dad. After dinner, my lovely friends David and Lauren came all the way to pick me up and take me home with them so I had a bed to sleep in 😀 The next morning, Jake came over! We went to get breakfast tacos and catch up. (Delish. And fun to see Jakey.) In the afternoon, Lauren dropped me off for pictures with the bridal party before the wedding. It was fun to see Felisa and Matt see each other for the first time that day in their wedding clothes and just pose for pictures with them. This is my favorite picture because you can see the smile on Matt’s face even though you can barely see his face!! (I might be crazy but I’m pretty sure that’s see-able in this picture) The wedding was beautiful. Look at this church! After the wedding was of course the party. The reception was in a really pretty hall and the bride and groom entrance was FANTASTIC. I wish I had videotaped it. They basically dropped into the room in an elevator that came out of nowhere! I loved it. After the reception, a bunch of us went to — …Billy Bob’s — the biggest honky tonk in Texas. Yeah. And the bride and groom came! With that and IHOP to end it all, it was a really great night. I’m so glad I could be there. Great friend Jakester took me to the airport to fly to Houston early the next morning and I got another fave picture:

That night was Papa’s Tamil play. Papa knows five languages. Tamil isn’t one of them. The play was hilarious though, even if I didn’t understand every word. I got the gist! Mala aunty is always funny and everyone in it was just good. After the play, I met up with Andrea, Claire, Lauren, and Leah for margaritas and Mexican food (Eric bailed. Yeah, I called you out.). It was great to catch up with everyone. I got to see so many people this weekend!!!

On Monday, just did some shopping and stuff and on Tuesday, headed out again to London with Eric.


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