March already?

In the past two months I have:

-hosted my sister’s 30th bday celebrations in NYC, which was truly a 7-day bender that went everywhere from Butter (a Blair Waldorf favorite) to the Empire Hotel (hi Chuck Bass) to No Idea (total dive) to a limo

-been kicked out a limo with 5 friends at 4 am (the angry driver also threw all of our coats/belongings into the dirty snow-slush lining a random spot on 11th Ave) after drinking in said limo for hours and riding around the city blaring Ke$ha

-celebrated my two year anniversary of living in NYC

-attended tapings of The Daily Show (Michael Steele was the guest) and The Colbert Report

-met my literary playwright idol Tom Stoppard (!) and Inigo Montoya himself, Mandy Patinkin

-seen Mandy Patinkin from the 6th row in a play at the Public Theater

-seen Alan Rickman (Snape) twice, once at an artists’ talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and once in a Henrik Ibsen play with Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia) and Lindsay Duncan (Doctor Who actress)

-gone on a ski trip with 13 friends to Mt. Snow, Vermont, where we stayed at a beautiful house with a hot tub and an amazing view of the mountain; a hot tub in which I spent a few hours relaxing after falling over several times while attempting to ski (it was awesome.)

-booked a $150 roundtrip (ROUNDTRIP) flight to Stockholm, Sweden for later this month

-sung “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Whip My Hair,” “Fuck You,” and “Like A Prayer” in front of/with almost all of my coworkers at East Village drunk karaoke

-attended a taping for Wyatt Cenac’s Comedy Central stand-up special

-discovered my absolute new favorite restaurant in the city thanks to Restaurant Week: Zengo

-survived approximately 3 dozen blizzards (and played in the snow at Madison Square or Central Park everytime)

-and been given a raise at work.

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Good awesome amazing unbelievably fantastic year so far.


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