Home Alone

2011 so far has been insane and amazing. And it’s barely a quarter of the way through!! Absolutely not complaining AT ALL, I love love love and appreciate all the travelling I’ve been able to do this year, not to mention the people I’ve been able to do it with, but it feels pretty awesome to be sitting in my bed, laundry in the washing machine, and writing here. My next trip wasn’t supposed to be until Easter (Copenhagen with Sarah, with native friend Kasper (met him in Oz!) showing us around!), but how could I not go meet up with Versha & co in Stockholm!? So that’s next weekend.. I’m pretty excited.

This past weekend, Lena, Sarah, and I were in Malta for a few days. The most-asked question from our friends was ‘…where’s Malta?’ South of Italy, east of Tunisia! Now you know 🙂
Friday morning, we heard about the quake in Japan and watched some news footage in our room. Can’t believe. We wondered if our Japanese board member Tatsumi was there or if any of the teams were there doing outreach at the moment. Tatsumi was–he was on the 20th floor of a building and a ceiling panel fell. It took him five hours to get home!! But he and his family are okay.

In Malta, we went to the capital city of Valletta one day, had a pool/spa/massages/nap day the next, and conquered Gozo (another island a 20 minute ferry ride north from Malta and part of Malta) on the last day. We also had the most awesome breakfasts. Breakfast buffets replete with made-to-order omelettes of course AND — get this — complete with sparkling wine. What. Best hotel ever. Mimosas every morning.
Every time we asked people for recommendations of things to do in Malta, they raved about the nightlife. It  was kind of hilarious. But I gotta say, we did have a great time. We went out the last two nights and the place we ended up both nights (Plush) pretty much played Rihanna and Usher 90% of the time (ie, heaven) and their drinks were soooo cheap. AND they kept handing us little two-for-one coupons. Ridiculous.
Maltese food is nothing to rave about, in my opinion — rabbit is a main dish, and there are these Maltese sausages. But ask Sarah and Lena about Le Bistro. They freakin’ loved that place (note: it was our hotel restuarant and ‘the only place open 24/7 in Malta!’ — it was no Kerbey Lane though. It was kinda schmancy and pretty nice).
We also tried wine from Malta and Gozo. Soooo yummy.
I am so not going in order but in Valletta, we mostly roamed (after taking a .47 cent bus ride there) and did a bit of shopping and a lot of walking. Lena got some sweet jeans (with suspenders!!!) and we did a bit of exploring. In Gozo, we had a personal driver who took us around the island (yeah, we’re swanky like that) and showed us things like the Azure window and Calypso’s cave,

Azure Window
hangin with Calypso and Odysseus in the cave

as well as the 13 villages and their coinciding churches (Malta and Gozo are very Catholic) around the island. It was really amazing. And seriously, let me go on about Skype yet again. Sent my parents pictures of Gozo and then video-skyped with them from a cafe. So they saw my pictures, and me, live, welllllllllllllllll before they will receive the postcard that I have yet to buy a stamp for. !

One day, I will upload pictures and add them. I am hoping that one day is very soon 🙂

Oh right the Home Alone part. Sarah got home at 11pm or something crazy. Lena left this morning after a TWO WEEK STAY!!!! (amazing. She knew her way around.) Eric’s been gone for a week. I saw Mom, Pop, and Meg a whole 2 weeks ago, and the wedding extravaganza was all the way back then too!! I’ve been so surrounded by people I like that I’m gonna start setting up cardboard cutouts and putting marbles on stairs soon because I’ll be so freaked out by the quiet.


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