I’ll wear that dress if you wear that tie

Doh. Darren Criss, what you do to me. Such a smooth voice. Saw Jeannie post this on Leah’s wall, and immediately shared it with Kma (thanks, Jeannieeeee). And then came home, showed Maggie and then bought it. While we were watching Glee and then Darren came on singing Bills, Bills, Bills. Which I subsequently bought.

Most boring post ever?

It’s been an adventureless, or well, uni-country weekend, so not too much to report. On Friday we had a work foosball thing (I’m in the Social Focus Group doncha know) so that was pretty fun. On Saturday, Sarah’s friend Maggie got into town, and Sarah and Maggie got us tickets (£10 tickets!!) to see ‘In a Forest, Dark and Deep‘ starring Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams. I met the girls at the theatre that night and they were like, ‘Oh yeah. We have box seats.’ A whole box to ourselves!!

Also went to Richmond Park this weekend and saw King Henry’s mound and some deer up reeeeally close .

Really pretty park, and a sunny weekend, so it was nice to be outside and walk around. Also went exploring in this secret forest that looks like Alice in Wonderland’s wood or something!


On Sunday, I had dinner with Brad, who I used to intern for at Music World Entertainment. Turns out he works for Big Machine Records now and works with Taylor. Yeah, Swift. I was like, oh. Felt like such an insider/bigshot, hanging out with him while he pandied around the first names of these people known all over the world like it was nothing. Wish I was an actual bigshot. It was really great to catch up with him since the last time we saw each other was a random run-in at SXSW two years ago.

And that’s it! Another weekend gone. Another week 1/5 of the way through. And I’ve been loving this one less hour gap between GMT and US times over the past week but this is it. Back to the 5 hrs from EST and 6 from CST this weekend because we spring forward. The ocean’s gonna grow by an hour again. Goodbye, convenience. (ish).


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