Today, I had a minor case of the birthday blues. I dont know why, but Karishma and I seem to have gotten them every year for the past few years.  But as I thought about it and constructed the list below, I realized that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I also realized that this year’s blues were probably brought on because, judging from this list, how could any year be better??

So here’s my thanks. To 23, the year I think I can safely call the best year of my life-skål! (That’s Danish for ‘Cheers!’–I learned it this weekend in Copenhagen :))

In the past 365 days, I have:
-started off my 23rd birthday by interviewing for a job I was dying to have, and 2 days later,
-found out that I got said job!
-graduated from UT with my bachelor’s and master’s and got to have my Achachan, Dolly Aunty, and cousin Pranay there
-had an amazing graduation party, thrown by my great fam

-been on 24 planes
-been in 10 countries
-been to the US Open in the midst of an awesome weeklong NYC trip
-been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on the 1st annual three sisters trip
-been to Thunder from Down Under and learned how to play Big Six in Vegas
-lounged on beaches and adventured in Xcaret in Cancun, Mexico
-started my first job, for which I
-moved to London
(these show how I feel about this move:
-stood among the throngs in Leicester Square for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 premiere and caught glimpses of Rupert Grint, Helena Bonham Carter, Evanna Lynch and a few others
-sung with a pianist at Show Off multiple times – Phantom of the Opera, Sixteen going on Seventeen, to name a few
-seen Matthew Fox (from a box seat!), Olivia Williams, Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss in plays on West End
-seen Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time – and loved it – and am now spending a weekend at the castle where it was set in early May
-spent New Year’s Eve on the Thames with Lauren, with whom I’ve had a plan to ‘go to England together’ for about 13 years now, watching fireworks over the London Eye
-been driven and ferried to Germany and given an amazing personalized tour by Sirs Sertan and Grant Sanderson
-flown into beautiful beautiful beautiful Geneva, Switzerland and attended My First Drag Show
-jetted back to Texas for a quick weekend to celebrate the wedding of Felisa and Matt Prosen
 and then
-watched my dad star in a Tamil play (this is not even one of the six languages he knows!)

-adventured in Malta and Gozo
-frozen in Sweden, BUT, with my best friend Vershaaaaaa and three other fabulous travelmates, Mariam, Maggie, and Ayesha

-lucked out with weather in the 60’s in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I met a ton of Great Danes and walked my feet off
-made plans to go to south France in May, Lisbon in July, and family travels to Budapest, Prague and Vienna in August
-have booked a docked yacht in the Thames to celebrate this 24th birthday with a few friends and a shameless use of the Royal Wedding to make it my Royal Birthday to force them all to get all dressed up
-been to places like Greenwich Park and Hever Castle – places where, the last time I was there was 20 years ago! Old. Times.
-visited the 100 Acre Wood and Pooh Bridge and played a failed game of Pooh Sticks
-signed up for tickets to the Olympics in 2012
-discovered that this picture doesn’t make as much sense as I would like it to:

-learned how to tie not just any tie, but a vintage IASC tie:

-been on a pub quiz team with Chairman of the IASB, Sir David Tweedie, and got a high-five from him when I got a question right (yesssss.)

-somehow survived 47 days without bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc — ie, anything magically delicious. But. I tested myself. And came out on Easter Sunday eating this great first meal of walnut pancakes with raspberries to break[my]fast!

-and to come full circle, tomorrow morning, on my 24th birthday, I present my very first paper to the International Accounting Standards Board (on the accounting of fair value hedges, in case you were interested :))

I think this picture, from my masquerade birthday party last May, accurately reflects my year:

a little off-kilter, a lot of happy, and surrounded by friendly, helping hands the whole time. Plus. Someone I was a pretty big fan of once told me that he really liked this picture. So thanks, 23. I loved you and will miss you.

(PS If there’s something I’ve forgotten, please tell me!!! I want to add it so I can have this record!)


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