‘How young do you turn on Friday?’

-my new desk bud at work

That’s a good start, right?! I guess it’s great to be the envy of older people at work and stuff? That, plus, I haven’t felt an onset of those birthday blues mentioned below yet, so I’m counting it altogether as a win.

25. 25!!! I don’t know. I don’t want to do another ‘what I did’ or ‘what I’ve learned’ post, so I’m at a bit of a loss and waiting for inspiration to strike.

By way of an update, we’ve moved! Goodbye, Pimlico, hello, Tower Bridge Road balcony with a view of Tower Bridge!

It’s also a big sports year and we have tickets between us to Wimbledon, the Royal Ascot, the Olympics (swimming, soccer, gymnastics and one more I can’t remember), and hopefully soon, the Henley Regatta, which one of our colleagues will be racing in! Oh, and the London Marathon was yesterday and we could see them running by from our balcony 🙂

Travel-wise, since that is obviously the moooost interesting part of my life! This year has been much calmer than last. Less visitors too 😦 (HINT) But so far: James and I went to Paris for his birthday, Sara Glen and I to Dublin for St Paddy’s Day, MeMyself&I to Cardiff to spend Easter with my godparents, and in three weeks, my good ole travel bud/officemate/roommate/Mrs Dara and Mrs…? are heading to Croatia! One of our colleagues was so sweet and offered us her place in Split for a weekend! We are both soooo excited! (That sounds like an engagement comment) And since Sarah told me that London temperatures are supposed to hit freezing in MAY, it will be a welcome end to these ridiculous April Showers.

BY GEORGE (Really. It’s St George’s Day), I’VE GOT IT!

Sorry. No, I don’t. Sorry for the bore, but some time for me to get back into the swing, please?


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(Signs it has been so long since the last post.

-I didn’t know how to get into the admin part of wordpress
-I didn’t know my username
-I didn’t know my password
-Today is April 24th, 2012. The last post is from April 27th, 2011. SAD. TIMES.

It’s not that I’ve had a lack of things to write about, it’s just that I’ve been doing instead of writing! /Okay. I may have gotten a little behind and then wanted to catch up. In chronological order. And then got demotivated and then lazy…)


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