The Atlantic Ocean: the language barrier between English and…English

2 nations divided by a common language
good morning pumpkin
good morning eggplant
That was my start to last week. Not your typical morning greeting — definitely not what I was expecting! But it cracked me (and Versha) up for a while. This week can only hope to start as well! Guess ‘pumpkin’ isn’t used as a term of endearment as much here…
It’s so crazy to me, but I guess since I’ve been here for a year and a half now, I’ve become used to all the accents. I still love them! Don’t get me wrong. I love going to a meeting and hearing the French, the Irish and the Spanish accents…debating about transition guidance for our consolidations standard. I just forget to be aware of it and love it everyday! Which is probably good, to keep focused and whatnot.
For your entertainment, here are soundclips of 2 British-pronounced phrases that crack me up, and 1 that I just love, I don’t know why.
Courtesy of Profressional British English Speaker James Langridge (Circa 2012)
I remember doing a presentation in college on this difference and it’s not just the pronunciations, but the words themselves! How can we be so different!?
Who knows, but I kinda love it.
PS Pre-Bday and Bday Recap
After an UH-MAIIIIIZING (see Gross und Klein to understand the correct pronunciation) (it sounded vaguely like this:
12 hours with Leah and Martin (and Sarah, duh) (see relevant exploding facebook album), I had a
7:55am rendezvous with one James Langridge for a surprise steak and eggs breakfast at none other than the amazing Hawksmoor Guildhall. Sooooo delicious. And kept me full til 6pm or so! Which is why I just had champagne at the
Searcy’s lunch that Sara Glen arranged for me with some work friends! They had run out of desserts and didn’t have candles, so they got me a sparkler in a plate of cheeses…
Came back to work to find a giant, amazing cheesecake on my desk! Courtesy of one Miss New York Versha Sharma! Awwwwwwwwww. Took me hours to get the courage to cut it, but I finally did and shared it with office people and they loved it.
Met James at 6pm to head to another undisclosed location, where we had Breakfast with Obama (and Cowboys versus Ninjas). Then we headed off again into Mestizo and I wondered why James ignored the hostess and turned right, only to find Sarah, Dani and Sunny waiting for us! Awwwwww. Delish (read: not like Texas, but I’ll take ’em) margaritas and for real delicious queso fundido (and other dishes) followed.
Directly after that came passing out, since I’d spent 21 of my 24 bday hours awake. Didn’t doze off once, either!
Sorry guys. I’m a boring narcoleptic now.
So until next week, before which Versh will (guilt trip, heyyyyy!) hopefully have posted,
As Meghna called me,
The incomparable rapper,
25 cent. (As in, yes, half of 50 cent)

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