Texas Pride

I don’t have cowboy boots or a southern drawl or a hankering for corn dogs or funnel cakes, y’all.

But I have realized that despite lacking those things, I do have some Texas Pride. (Plus, I miss crawfish and breakfast tacos and Mexican martinis and actually having the opportunity to wear shorts more than half a time a year)

I know it’s not burnt orange or cowboy boots, but it’s the best I’ve got to [retrospectively] show my Texas Pride right now, guys!
I never realized I had any until I left Texas though, which is sad. But I guess that’s how it works, huh. When we first moved to Texas, I never wanted to identify myself with those common stereotypes – cowboys hats and boots, southern drawls, guns ‘n’ roses bluebonnets horses. But now I sometimes find myself defending the state against the same stereotypes I was guilty of holding. No, Schmoao, people do not walk around Dallas all the time with guns slung over their shoulders, I don’t know which part of Dallas you went to. But Yes, British Schmave, my state is bigger than your whole country so, in response to your plea, ‘Please don’t invade us,’ — okay. Most of the time, not as extreme as that – some people even think it’s cool that I’m from Texas! But then there are of course the ‘oh..you’re from the same state as George Bush and Rick Perry…’ so those aren’t great. But what can ya do.

Texas has even left a mark on London about its previous nation-being and so is teaching Londoners about it! The Texas Embassy does not have great food though. They used to give out free ritas to people with Texas driver’s licenses but…now they don’t. Lame.
A great end to this post could have been about my great London Cinco de Mayo celebration! But alas…I was too tired and old on Saturday to go to Crazy Homie’s, as planned, just like last year, to celebrate, because on Friday night, (comma comma comma comma comma) I had a…
surprise party! James do-si-do-ed me around the Clerkenwell area until everyone was there to greet me and it was so lovely 🙂 We had a private room with a jukebox in the upstairs part of a pub and then we headed to karaoke for a couple of hours before some [not the Best, but still yummy] Wurst before passing out. So no complaints for not being able to end the post with Cinco de Mayo — let’s call it a twist ending 🙂
Lastly, a couple of things that hit me in the face/head (because I’m stupid) (some literally) after the turning-25 celebrations finally, sadly, came to an end:
-A hangover. For real. I don’t usually get these. Yes. I’m bragging.
-a free facial from Bliss, thanks to Emerald Street! Best daily newsletter ever. Apparently is usually 50 GBP, but got it fo’ freeeeee
-But then I splattered hot oil on my face when making sausages, so kind of ruined that. So I now have 5 purply-red spots on my face and 3 on my arm and I look really cool at work when the gooey white healing gel hasn’t dried yet
Anywayyyy…hasta semana proxima!

One thought on “Texas Pride

  1. I’m so surprised you don’t have a pair of cowgirl boots, especially as a shoe-lover! I’m definitely making it a point to purchase some on my way out of here, lol…if I ever make it out of here, sigh. Love the updates, keep ’em coming, chica!

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