After a rainy April and a cold start to May in London, we just had to Split.

Haaaaa. Sorry I just had to do it. Croatia was beautiful!!! Beautifuller I’m sure when it’s not drizzly, but what can you do. Maybe once you’ve lived in London, the weather becomes embedded in your bones and you release a little bit in every new place you go.

We left our apartment at around 3am and took the train to Gatwick to catch our 6am flight to Croatia. I was so tired but it was SO worth it. We got to Split around 9 and put our things down in Aida’s apartment. (Our generous colleague Aida was kind enough to let us stay at her place for the weekend since it wasn’t being rented out. It was beautiful and amazing!) Her neighbors helped us settle in and told us about the area, but we were anxious to get into the sun, because, as they confirmed, it was the only nice day we would get — the ‘bura’ (winds) were coming and the next 2 days would be chilly and drizzly. So we soaked up ALL the sun on Saturday. AND I didn’t even wear my ultimate beach cover-up (Lisbon, July 2011) this time but I didn’t get tanned too much!! Victory!

Anyway, because we had no idea what a ‘bura’ entailed and the neighbor made it seem like a crazy storm, we auto-assumed some sort of tornado. So we obviously prepared ourselves by getting rations. And consequently, continuously referring to them and if we had enough. In reality, it was a bit chilly and windy and not ideal weather, but the bura either didn’t come or didn’t bring it. So we still went out and had awesome food and met awesome, nice, helpful waiters and explored the tiny island of Trogir. It was a great weekend in a beautiful place and I definitely want to go back.

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2 thoughts on “Rations

  1. Ah, looks beautiful! So jealous of your frequent vacationing in Europe – hopefully my life will be like that year after next. Croatia reminds me a lot of Estonia (my family visted Tallinn as one of our stops when we want on a Baltic cruise last August). Huge thrill-seeker right here, digging those stairs. If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

  2. Ooh I should add Estonia to the list then! Neither are places I thought I was much interested in but I guess you just never know! haha like the quote

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