Maybe if my feet were grosser, people would think I was a hobbit (Remix)

If you were to find my list of Things I Never Thought I’d Do, ‘Lord of the Rings marathon’ would probably be preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty close to the top. Along with ‘kind of like a Justin Bieber song’ or ‘regularly watch Game of Thrones in exchange for episodes of Gossip Girl’ or ‘care to watch the Avengers movie, much less the separate Avengers movies,’ but I’ve seen 4/5 of the Avengers ones now too. So to have done the LOTR marathon twice now, in the past year even, is kind of sort of a little bit insane to my brain. I can blame 3 of the 4 excerpts from my list on James. I will let you decide which three.

But 3/4 of these things are at the top of my list, not for lack of trying by one Miss Versha Sharma. Despite hounding and ‘it’s soooooo good!!!’s, I just didn’t do it, but I have to say that a lot of that is probably due to the fact that we [have] never lived in the same city, so she was never able to force me or use it as a bargaining chip (‘I’ll watch one of the myriad of WEIRD FRENCH MOVIES you watch, YOU WEIRDO if you’ll just watch LOTR’). Again though, I’ll still let you pick, though she thinks one is severely not like the other, but it’s a LIST of things and I wasn’t comparing, just listing!!! Buttface. Anyway, it was just that I could not have been less interested. But then, see how I didn’t include reading all 7 Harry Potter books? At least I did that? Maybe I guess I kind of knew I’d end up succumbing to that someday? Either way, this was obviously one of the things on the list that V seriously influenced because of her deep and undying love for it (though when Meg got older, she started to be a HP maniac too). In which case, V needs to work on cutting down the time it takes for her not-so-subliminal messages to actually work on me from 10 years! Yes, I just blamed it all on her but I know, it’s not her fault. I could be a bit more open-minded. Maybe I also needed to be older (…) Or maybe the list is also secretly named, Versha Said to do This, But I’m Too Disinterested and Lazy to Listen, so I’ll Wait until it’s Completely Untimely Before I Think About It. ;p Just kidding! But now that I think about it, it’s totally unfair. I recommend things and totally expect that they be done. And she’s done them (Yeah, this is All About Versha now). Visit from the Goon Squad (I know other people recommended this too), Jeax D’enfants (that one I forced when she was in my presence though), but hey! you still haven’t watched Black Mirror or Sherlock so nyeh. (None of which I discovered on my own UGH I DON’T HAVE MY OWN BRAIN, credit for the above to Sarah, Christina and James). (That’s it. I’ve decided that the common factor, the important one, is – wait for it – the fact that with these people, we were living in the same city at the time. Maybe when we do this finally, I’ll have no excuses?). Cool, I think I’m done talking at Versha to myself now.

So we went. I meant to surprise James with it, but instead spilled the beans, to make sure it was a good idea. Whoops. I actually found the event on my quest to find Titanic 3D tickets for me and Sunny. Yup.

But guess what. It was fun! (Sorry I wasn’t mature enough to listen 10+ years ago, V). The second time was this past weekend, at the IMAX. It wasn’t actually in IMAX, which was sad, but still pretty cool. I’m sure that back in the heyday, there were more costumed moviegoers and that they were more creative. But I got a taste. And for an ‘I’m tiiiiiiiired, I can’t watch a 2 hour movie starting at 9pm without falling asleeeeeeeeeeep’ girl, I think I did pretty darn well by staying up through the whole first movie!!!!! (Which was my goal) and well into the second (the last 10-15 minutes took me into sleeptimes). And by the time it was time for the King to Return, I had succumbed to another 20-30 minutes of shuteye. 10am rolled around and I was ready for bed. Except for, as much as my next most desired viewing was the back of my eyelids, I could barely close my eyes all day and had to wait til around 11pm to get some sleep. Is this how marathons work? I’m not sure I can do this again. Especially if there are going to be super obnoxious women and people with seriously smelly feet again.

To be clear – I can’t say it was my favorite thing in the world, and I’m by no means now a die-hard fan a la Versh or anything, but it wasn’t terrible, as I’d imagined. So maybe I just shouldn’t have a Things I Never Thought I’d Do list? (Except of course for things like killing. O, relativity. But I guess there’s a moral code for that). Maybe I should just be like ‘okay, cool, I’ll try that’ or ‘okay, because you love this [Versha, and are also obsessed with it and are also hounding me :D], I will drop my preconceived notions and try it’. Maybe that would be the mature thing to do. Oh, fine.

Lord of the Rings fans. A question. Why does Legolas speak in sentences that vary only from 3-10 words. It makes him seem slightly dumb. Don’t kill me.

I think all that’s left now is seeing how those LOTR shots at Barcelona bar go. Def on the list for the next NYC trip (I hope you’ve added it to the spreadsheet-that-we-regularly-make-and-then-never-consult-again-during-my-trip, Pooz).

Next week brings the Jubilee. I’m not really as excited about it as I was for the Royal Wedding, but I guess it’s cool to be here anyway 🙂 Any breaking news regarding the Jube will be posted here, never fear.

Adios amigos, Pip pip, cheerio, chaps,

N (Yes, I think I’m in Gossip Girl or something)

*This post has been remixed to be Vershtastic as it rightfully should have been upon first post.


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