State of my Shoenion

Heel-o! A warning: today’s post is super frivolous.

Some people accuse me of being a shoeaholic (Hi Papa). This post will probably leave me no room to deny this allegation. But as I broke in my new Blue Shadow Supergas walking home the other night, I thought about how some of these guys have really stuck it out with me (and for some of them, the effort really shows…), so it might be fun (for me) to catalogue them. I do love them dearly after all. So here we go.

The Raindancers

Before London, I had one pair of rain boots that I can remember as an adult. My family definitely remembers those bright yellow guys and tried to pretend to forget me when I wore them. Then I came to London with one pair of rain boots. They were black&white checkered and I have no pictures. They are long gone. Since then, I think I’ve had 5 more pairs. Here are 4 of them, though half are semi-retired unless a guest is in town and needs to borrow a pair (Julie).


Birthdate, city/parents: January 2014, London/Kurt Geiger
Insp/Asp-irations: Sarah G’s wedge rainboots
Greatest accomplishment: trekking up Widcombe Hill in Bath very quickly and then walking downhill through fields #hikinginheels, as they say (Sarah L was simultaneously impressed and not impressed at all)

N is for Natasha, Norway and Nigardsbreen

Birthdate, city/parents: May 2014, London/Sports Direct
Insp/Asp-irations: Panic, emergency purchase before trip to Norway
Greatest accomplishment: CLIMBING A NORWEGIAN GLACIER! One of the coolest (lit and fig, obv) coolest coolest things they (and I) will ever do; getting engaged at the end of the North Downs Way! Are these my most accomplished shoes??

photo 3 (3)
Bows are cute

Birthdate, city/parents: January 2014, London/Dorothy Perkins
Insp/Asp-irations: keepin’ feet dry without hottin’ up the rest of the legs
Greatest accomplishment: having giant mouths but not letting water inside


Birthdate, city/parents: October 2013, London/Aldo
Insp/Asp-irations: people at work have told me I look like someone from some show, but it’s a reference that was over my head that I’ve now forgotten
Greatest accomplishment: attending The Limerick Show


Birthdate, city/parents: Unsure, London/Redfoot
Greatest accomplishment: Being foldable!

The Mile High Club

These shoes, quite appropriately, cradle my weak, weak Achilles heel.


Birthdate, city/parents: circa 2010, Austin/Strut
Insp/Asp-irations: to roam sexily a la Carrie Bradshaw, Season 4 finale en Paris, but without the dog poo
Greatest accomplishment: staying white

Birthdate, city/parents: circa 2010, Austin/Strut
Insp/Asp-irations: I hate peep toes but for some reason couldn’t resist these. Must’ve been a good bargain
Greatest accomplishment: attending a wedding in a Welsh Castle


Birthdate, city/parents: ??
Insp/Asp-irations: Dorothy Gale? I dunno. Who needs a reason for red shoes anyway.
Greatest accomplishment: More of a failure – getting turned down by a cab driver because the destination was too close. But sir! We’re killing feet here, have pity on them!

Birthdate, city/parents: ??, Rochester, NY,/American Eagle
Insp/Asp-irations: being soooo cute but sensiblish too!
Greatest accomplishment: coming to England. These were Karishma’s. I stole them. She kindly gave them to me in a trade. Also, being a size 7 and somehow still fitting me.

photo 5
Birthdate, city/parents
:November 2013, London/Nine West-Kurt Geiger
Insp/Asp-irations: hot businesswomen
Greatest accomplishment: roaming around Houston

photo 4 (3)

Birthdate, city/parents: October 2012, London/Aldo
Insp/Asp-irations: Again, who needs a reason for nude pumps
Greatest accomplishment: lots of mileage in the office

photo 3 (2)

Birthdate, city/parents: ??, London/Dorothy Perkins
Insp/Asp-irations: adorableness. Polka-dot loving Karishma?
Greatest accomplishment: causing balance loss like an inner ear infection and ruining ankles


Birthdate, city/parents: ??, Humble/somewhere in Deerbrook Mall
Insp/Asp-irations: Puttin’ on the Bollywood ritz; being the centre of long-standing and still unresolved debates about red vs pink
Greatest accomplishment: Attracting a lot of attention by being so ritzy

photo 1 (2)

Birthdate, city/parents: Houston, ??, Foley’s
Insp/Asp-irations: Defying ugliness on the shelf for adorableness on the foot
Greatest accomplishment: Angering Eric

photo 5 (1)

Birthdate, city/parents: 2010ish, Austin/Forever 21
Insp/Asp-irations: Just ankle booties. Gah.
Greatest accomplishment: Posing on the steps of the Met for a Gossip Girl style photoshoot

photo 3

Birthdate, city/parents: 2012, London/New Look
Insp/Asp-irations: to match more than 1-2 outfits
Greatest accomplishment: Attended the ballet at the Polish Opera House; sang Bach/Gounod’s Ave Maria at a London wedding.

photo 4

Birthdate, city/parents: 2010ish, Austin/Strut
Insp/Asp-irations: wedges make heels wayyy less hurty. need more.
Greatest accomplishment: I think these may have survived a Mardi Gras?

photo 2 (2)

Birthdate, city/parents: 2009ish, Austin/Strut (I bought a lot of shoes there, huh)
Insp/Asp-irations: glitzin’ it up. This picture is awful, but they are a nice shiny, but not too shiny, gold
Greatest accomplishment: Royal Ascot #1

photo 4 (1)

Birthdate, city/parents: 2009/2010, Agaci? Strut?
Insp/Asp-irations: being snakeskin without really being snakeskin too hard
Greatest accomplishments: Tourboating on the Hudson River 2010, Henley Regatta 2012

photo 2 (3)

Birthplace, date and giver: Houston/BCBG
Insp/Asp-irations: see below
Greatest accomplishment: completing a Cruella Deville Halloween costume

 photo 4 (2)   

Birthplace, date and giver: 2009, Austin/Forever 21
Insp/Asp-irations: Elvis
Greatest accomplishment: not snapping when I tripped out of a cab once

photo 5 (2)

Birthplace, date and giver: Austin/Strut
Insp/Asp-irations: cut-out on one side shoes are adorable, but have to be a little small, I think, otherwise, it’s reeeeeally hard to keep them on
Greatest accomplishment: none, really. mostly just matching my favorite dress

photo 3 (1)

Birthplace, date and giver:
Greatest accomplishment: being plain

 photo 1 (1) 

Birthplace, date and giver: 2010, Rocketdog/Macy’s?
Insp/Asp-irations: sensiblish work shoes
Greatest accomplishment: none

estonian boots

Birthplace, date and giver: Tallinn, Estonia; February 2014
Insp/Asp-irations: Only took the Supergas and ended up going to the Opera, so needed something a tiny bit fancier
Greatest accomplishment: €12! Roamed the Sacsayhuamán ruins and climbed Ollantaytambo

The Flatsos

Flats were never interesting to me. Until I started walking to work. That’s when much of my heel collection moved into the office and all that remained in my closet at home were these guys. Ready to do the legwork (har har) before I got to the office and the Mile High Club got all the fanfare. Such is life, flatsos, such is life.


Birthdate, city/parents: 2009, Austin/BCBG
Insp/Asp-irations: Athena?
Greatest accomplishment: These guys have been helping me accomplish a bit dressed up but also kinda comfortable in all sorts of terrains for years now. So their greatest accomplishment would have to be survival despite all my tripping.

photo 1 (3)

Birthdate, city/parents: January 2014, London/Superga
Insp/Asp-irations: some casual chic hipster on the tube
Greatest accomplishment: roaming the streets of Paris for a weekend


Birthdate, city/parents: London 2014, London/Superga
Insp/Asp-irations: Their military green brothers above
Greatest accomplishment: none yet, all these guys have done so far is walk the 1.3 miles from work to home (but they’re headed to Warsaw this weekend!!!!!); Machu Picchu


Birthdate, city/parents: Fall 2013 (Retired, RIP), London/Kangol-Sports Direct
Insp/Asp-irations: Toms, I guess
Greatest accomplishment: Climbing 600m through Platteklip Gorge to the top of Table Mountain

photo 1

Birthplace, date and giver: London/Urban Outfitters
Insp/Asp-irations: 50’s? Polka-dot loving Karishma again?
Greatest accomplishment: Being some of the most uncomfortable flats in the world.


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