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Earlier this month, Sarah and I pretended we were livin’ the dream and were travel bloggers. Thanks to the Tumi Golden Ticket competition I’d been trying to win, I found out about a new branch of the trendy boutique hotel citizenM opening in Paris, and they were offering free nights to ‘test sleep’ at their newest hotel in exchange for feedback. Sounded good to me!

The Top Line: If you’re looking for a hotel in the CDG airport area for a good price, citizenM is a great option with its cute, creative and modern set-up and very friendly staff.

Here were our top ‘liments and ‘laints:

A ‘mood tablet’ to control the tv, room temperature, curtains/blinds, etc — cool! A bit more help explaining how to get to the page with the remote on it though, please! We are oldies. But different colored lighting, blinds adjustments and options for party, movies, romance or other? I’m into it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ooh, on demand movies are included?! Awesome. I did need a refresher course on the hilarity of Bridesmaids. Mayyyybe don’t have the movie right next to Despicable Me be …an adult film though. Although Inglorious B****** and what my non-French-self translated ‘Derriere de Infirmiere’ to be Butt Nurses were amusing names, I don’t think many parents would be amused to have their kiddies flicking through those options! Maybe put a lock on ’em? Not sure, not the techiest person in the world, but it did worry me a bit that it was so easy to access this content.

This. Now this, is awesome. I didn’t need to bring my adapter?! Love it. Why can’t everyone do this!!??

“citizenM says: Travel light but carry a big smile” – thanks for makin’ that easy, cM!

Thanks for havin’ great staff. Everyone we came into contact with was so friendly. Despite the fact that we are American 🙂 The bartenders (speaking of which – am happy to be a cocktail guinea pig in exchange for free [delicious!!] cocktails again anytime you need!) were conversational, the waitstaff were so helpful and the check-in staff told/showed us where we could find restaurant recs for the area. Every interaction we had was pleasant. Thanks especially to Helena, who booked our table for dinner for us.

Pretty good set-up for food. Breakfast is included and includes some hot dishes like sausages, fritatta and roasted potatoes, as well as fruit, yogurt, croissants & crepes. There are also salads, sandwiches, and other things available for purchase. During our test sleep, we got 50% off too, so we were of course fans of that.

Croissants et les fruits a la table

Hmm, interesting. A shampoo for morning people and one for night people. I can dig it. But, sorry, I need conditioner!! My hair is a bird’s nest without conditioner, and I’d like to not have a bird’s nest hairdo when I’m in one of the most fashionable cities in the world. (There was a blow dryer, though, so even though that’s not my thing, kudos.) It did get a little stuffy when in the [awesome, powerful, from-above ‘rain’] shower though, so maybe a fan in there would be nice.

Fluffy towels. You spoke the truth.

The nightly rate appears to be about €67/night, so not too bad. It wouldn’t be my ideal location choice, since I usually like to stay in the actual city, rather than near the airport, but if I had to, I would stay here.

In the end, here’s what we ended up spending in 24 hours in Paris, each:

Taxi from apartment to LHR (because it was a bit early for the tube): £18.50
Return flight from LHR to CDG: 9,000 Avios points + £35
1 night test sleep at citizenM CDG: £0
Round trip train ticket from CDG to Chatelet les Halles for dinner:£16
1.5 course dinner and a bottle of wine at Le Felteu: £30
Grand total: £91.50 – I think we did okay!

I could get used to this!


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