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A Glacial Adventure

June 12, 2014 1 comment

This guy’s gonna be a long one because I want my oldie self to be able to remember as much of this as possible, so let me give you the bottom line first (hey. I am an accountant after all, okay) – aka

The Top Line: You should go to Norway. And climb a glacier. Asap. (PS Don’t forget to drink glacier water and eat whale and/or reindeer while you’re there.)

I mean, look where we got!!!

I mean, look at this!!!

As previously documented, although I don’t purport to love outdoor activities, I do participate because James loves them, and I end up liking them in the end anyway. I guess I just like to whine 🙂

James had been talking about wanting to camp wild in Norway last summer when we struggled to find places you’re allowed to do it in England, so I decided that it would be a pretty cool birthday present. One of the hardest parts of planning this trip was probably keeping it a secret until March 13! I gave him a map to figure it out because we’re fun like that 🙂

Anyway, a few Fridays ago, it was finally time to set off. It was nice to be able to fly out at 8:45pm because it meant I could still work a full day, which was good since it’s been a bit crazy over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, when I booked the trip, James hadn’t even applied for the Cambridge job yet, so Gatwick wasn’t the most convenient airport for him to leave from, so he had to take the day off so that he could make it down to London and then Gatwick in time (in a relaxed manner). At work, we ended up getting an email from HR saying we could leave at 3:30 if our work permitted, and miraculously, mine did, so I headed off to meet James at a sports shop so I could pick up some appropriate shoes (unlike other hiking or climbing expeditions) for our weekend adventures. I ended up choosing some pretty quickly because they would serve the purpose, they fit and they were only £20. Thanks, Sports Direct. Had to get the hiking socks to go with, of course, though I didn’t know it was an ‘of course’ until I tried to wear the shoes ‘a short distance’ from my apartment to the train station (a 10 minute walk) with just short socks and ended up with a rubbed raw part on my ankle from a shoelace hole. Lesson learned.

We got to the airport and James shrink-wrapped his brand spanking new Osprey backpack to protect it from the trauma of international travel in the bulkhead. We had time to sit for a bit before boarding, so I gave Mummy (who was conducting google image search research on Jostedal(pronounced: Yosstehdahl)) a call to brief her again on our planned locations and activities. Then we had on-board wifi. Sweet.

With the one hour time change, we landed at midnight and just went straight to bed at the Clarion hotel airport so that we could get our rental car bright and early.


In the morning, we headed to Hertz to pick up our rental car. I don’t rent cars often (actually, I’m not sure if I ever have. I think I somehow always weasel my way out of the actual booking part because I get worried about which extras cover what.), so I was a bit shocked to find out that we had to pay 300 NOK because we had booked the car for 8am, i.e. ‘out of hours’ instead of 9am. So that was annoying. But after that, the car was good (upgraded from a VW to some Volvo) and the GPS worked, so no complaints. We headed to Bergen, but since it was a bit early, not many places were open for breakfast/brunch and we needed to grab a bite and head off so we could make it to Flåm in time. We headed to the Fisketorget on the harbour and surveyed both sides of the row to see what the vendors had on offer—smoked salmon on a bagel; salmon tartare marinated in herbs and spices on a bagel; whale on a bagel…plus fresh fish and eel and giant shrimp everywhere. (Our choices, for brunch and the rest, get their very own post elsewhere.) Not to mention the landscape. So beautiful! Mountains! Water! Blue skies and fluffy clouds!

We took a quick spin around the monthly market that happened to be up that day as well — most notably, I got a giant pancake as big as my giant face and we picked up some reindeer meat for our camping sandwiches — and then we were on our way!

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