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To Making it Count

August 14, 2015 Leave a comment


Yup, I know that’s what you thought of too.

The past month has been amazing. No exaggeration. And I think, unlike young me, I did make it count. I didn’t get sad that it was starting because that meant it would end (yes I used to do that. Even up until this past December). I didn’t regret forgetting or not doing small, specific things. I didn’t focus on the small, specific things I did remember to the point of forgetting about the bigger picture. I let things go (! Did anyone know this was possible???) and took things as they came. Yes, that is mostly thanks to my amazing parents and sisters dealing with all those small, specific things behind the scenes so that everything went seamlessly and I didn’t have to worry, but still. I took each and every moment in. I enjoyed each one. And I made each wonderful day count.

So yes, now, I’m sad it’s over and I wish I could rewind and live it all all over again. But who wouldn’t?! Those of you who were there understand. It was such a great few days with family and friends in a foreign place with lots to discover. Speaking of Titanic and people who were at the wedding, this is what walking into the reception between two rows of a lot of your fave people in the world felt like:

As emotional as you think it would be.

Anyway, I digress. We landed in Barcelona (very) early this morning. We live here now, guys. It’s weird. So so weird. I don’t know why, since I’ve moved 1,000 times, but maybe because I have a husband now and stuff? Idk. Irdk. James got out his laptop and got to work lawyering and stuff, and I continued what feels like the fruitless search for a home. We went out to the Meatpacking Bistro around the corner for a quick lunch and when James went back, I decided to embark on a few errands – buying some stamps, depositing cash at the bank and picking up my debit card, picking up Spanish-made thank you cards for our wedding gifts. I finished at the post office and headed to the bank. Closed. Not only was it siesta time, but also summer hours. Doh. Double whammy. Forgot about that siesta thing. Tried the stationery store anyway, but also closed. So I headed back to the hotel to continue apartment-hunting. Siesta. Noted.

By the time James finished work and we started to get hungry for dinner, it was around 7, so we started looking places up. One didn’t open for dinner til 8 and another until 8:30! How am I going to survive these young people hours?! We chose a restaurant that would fulfil my udon craving and headed out. Guess what. Closed. Summer, guys. Headed to the other – closed. Okay, roaming around til we find something that looks good it is! Ended up at a Japanese place, where I discovered that although I usually try to like ramen and fail, for some reason I like Spain’s take on ramen.

Anyway, back to making it count. Although those previous 2 paragraphs sound whiny, I was trying to make a point. Because as we crossed the Avenida Diagonal back to our hotel tonight and I saw the almost-empty streets around us, I realized they would be filling up relatively soon as Festa Mejor started and the vacationers returned and that would mean that it would soon be autumn, and then suddenly I saw the 2 years of my MBA flash by. (Yes, my wheels move fast and yes this was all in the space of crossing the street. The Avenida is very wide.) Can’t allow that! So I reminded myself to savor those empty streets and take it all in.

Phew. Glad that happened on our first night here! No chances to regret anything!

So basically, guys:

But maybe tell me ahead of time, otherwise I won’t know when to meet you at the clock.


This post brought to you by: James Cameron ‘s wife and a reminder that life’s a gif…t. 


January 29, 2011 2 comments

It’s Monday somewhere? (I know it’s not)

The next few weeks feel like they will be madness. But awesome madness. I am SO excited!!

Should I catch you (you = Meghna, Karishma, Anupa, and Saloni) up? Or do you know what’s been going on since the last post? Well anyway, I’m just talking to myself here because obviously you are not going to reply. Cliff’s Katie’s notes: got home! yay! Christmas at home was fab. Came back to Londontown with Lolly (‘with’ is used loosely. She ditched me for 1st class), celebrated New Year’s at Meza and then on the Thames, watching the fireworks over the London Eye (refer to fb for pics?). She abandoned me on Sunday but we had such a great 4 days together, soooo glad she came 🙂

Since then, I don’t know what I’ve done. Let me go through my pics and see what I can find.

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Included above: Christmas, New Year’s, Trip to Wimbledon at Sertan and Grant’s [bed&breakfast&we’re-driving-you-to-Brighton-because-we’re-the-aweseomest],

Here’s the skedj for those madness weeks I was talking about:

Feb 3rd-6th — Germany! Dusseldorf, Bonn, and Cologne with Sertan, Grant, and Sarah.

Feb 11th-14th — Geneva, Switzerland! Romantic V-day wknd with Sarah

Feb 25th-Mar 1st — US of A. Dallas Fri-Sun for Felisa’s wedding! Houston Sun-Tues and then…

Mar 1st — Eric and I fly back together on Continental flight 34, woooo! And Lena flies alongside on AA!

Mar 2nd — Billy Elliot!

Mar 3rd-Mar5th — Edinburgh, Scotland! Castles and Scotch and the Loch Ness Monster

Mar 6th — Urrk leaves 😦

Mar 10th-Mar 13th — Lena, Sarah, and I jet off to Maltaaaa

Mar 14th — Lena leaves 😦

I am SOOOO excited. I will try to take real pictures on my camera. Like the old Katie.

24 Hours in Jordan

October 22, 2010 1 comment
My friend Serene and I planned a 24 hour trip from Dubai to Jordan. We jetted to Amman last Friday to attend Rama and Basil’s Wedding at the Movenpick Dead Sea – it was a beautiful Greek Orthodox ceremony. The reception was at sunset and overlooked the Dead Sea. The most incredible part about the view of the Dead Sea is being able to see Israel across the water.


I had the pleasure of traveling to a new country in the Levant region – JORDAN. This is a country known for its rock cut architecture called Petra, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and the Baptism site of Jesus. Unfortunately, my 24 hour trip to Jordan didn’t give me the chance to tour the ‘must sees’ of the country. Tour of Jordan coming soon…


A few words from last weekend’s Arabic wedding:

1. Girls can wear white to a wedding and the bride won’t kill you.
2. Dressing for an Arabic Wedding = dress as if you are attending a red carpet affair (Long dresses are a must.)
3. It is tradition for the bride and groom to cut a 5 layered cake with a sword. A SWORD!!! not a knife. It was awesome.
4. Arabic dancing is all about moving the shoulders, swaying the hips and moving your hands out as if you are pushing someone away. I have the move down!
5. No slow songs allowed.
6. Only on the bride’s wedding night can she feel zero pain after dancing for 6 hours in 4 inch heels. Props to Rama!
7. It is possible to get ready for a wedding in 45 minutes and still look good.
8. Don’t bring a wedding gift to an Arabic wedding or you will be the only one standing there with a cupcake stand with a big bow on it.
9. No date required: with your girlfriends and plenty of the bride and groom’s family, you will enjoy yourself and be dancing for over 6 hours.
10. To all who are engaged and planning a wedding, do it the Arabic way by feeding your guests with a courtyard filled with food and unlimited champagne.

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